Saturday, September 1, 2012

Obama drops charges against Sheriff Joe

     Whether you subscribe to the"birther" conundrum or not it is nontheless interesting when an aggressive political prosecuter of "enemies" suddenly backs off a skeptic who is in the public domain.The current DOJ (Obama/Holder aka "Fast and Furious Drug Cartel Gun Providers") suddenly and quietly dropped all charges against Sheriff Joe Arpaio who has been searching for irrefutable confirmation of Obama's legitimate place of birth, whether here in America or in Africa or elsewhere, after a rather suspicious certificate was presented to the American people by the president only after much urging.
     They do this kind of "drop" on Fridays or big weekends or holidays as the citizenry is occupied with getting away from the oppression they feel during the week due to meeting excessive government regulatory demands.
   And this, from the president's men, his controlled media outlet, NBC "News". Interesting....

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