Wednesday, November 2, 2011

ParkZone UM T-28 is SWEET

     This bird wants to fly. Once trimmed out for level flight, even with a light cross wind, the T-28 tracks true and level. I fly her directly over my head at fifty-seventy feet and see a light but level yaw sometimes, but this I believe is caused by the propeller thrust direction rather than the wind. Just part of the deal. On the tranny I've got her set at 70% servo throw on Dual Rate, with 50% expo. With these attenuated settings she changes direction more than quickly enough for me. At 100% throw and no expo. she's even more sensitive.
     I have planted this bird like a duck onto the surface of a salt water pond, nosed her into asphalt, clipped bushes at speed and landed her on a sandy strip that blew sand onto her motor. After cleaning her up each time, she has recovered fully without protest. All for one hundred dollars from Horizon Hobby. Money well spent.