Friday, February 1, 2013

NRA Lifetime Membership $300.00 till March!

Tom Gresham of Gun Talk Radio started this drive a few months ago, and it was a great idea that has gotten lots of gun owners to "pull the trigger" on making a greater, willing contribution (unlike forced taxation) to the strongest voice of defense for our Constitution's 2nd Amendment in OUR Bill of Rights, the NRA. I adjure you to join this effort, as defense under tyrannical regime assaults is expensive, as we now have first-hand evidence of, and our pockets take repeated hits to support the very regime that seeks to disarm us. It is a classic vicious cycle of destruction, the Obama regime, consuming all productivity and liberty in an all-out assault, making the cost of production of every single thing rise through oppressive regulation while at the same time deflating the value of the dollar. This is what we are defending ourselves against, personified:
call 888-678-7894 to enlist, 24/7, until March 1st, at which time Life Membership in the NRA goes back up to $1000.00.

It was a great incentive idea, Mr. Gresham, and I applaud you, and join you.
And know that all the while this president and his Progressive Degeneratives are agitating us, right in our faces all the time, per their goal of making us submit to them, they are stealing money from us behind our backs in taxes, fees, regulations, the denial of production of energy in particular, and the denial of freedom through control of every aspect of our lives through "healthcare" and now "gun control". This abusive evil has walked the face of the earth since the beginning of man. We must stand, and they shall fall.