Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bushido Warrior Sakai

Saburo Sakai (me) live in small hut on Japanese mountain side surrounded by perfect Bansai plants and many cherry blossom. Everything perfect. This, Sakai's dojo. He train hard with his Shidoshi, Tanaka-san. Fight evil politicians with Samurai sword. Send them home honest. He fly little airplanes. Relax important for Bushido Warrior.
Sakai order micro flying lights for planes, Fly at night, Sakai want. Then, Sakai find other site. Lites cheaper. Have neat blue light, too.
Sakai impatient. Strike too soon. Sakai angry. Train harder! Order these lights after discipline!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Super-Cub: Disinfecting the Disinfranchised

     Hey, all real Americans feel "disinfranchised" with a class-warfaring, Country Club Marxist (courtesy, Mark Levin, Esquire) in the White House poking 'em in the eye every single day with insults and divisiveness, and especially with smooth moves like giving jet-powered "Drones" to "Radical" Islamic (that means double-radical, really) states for them to play with and anylize so they can whack our boys out of the air if we have to actually defend ourselves from them soon. Thanks for that "Muslim Outreach", Barack, you malicious dolt. Guess that official mission of N.A.S.A. has expanded in application.
     Now we Radio Control flyers know that the "drone" is an "RPV", a Remotely Piloted Vehicle. Dummies call 'em "drones". Behind that lovely machine is a fully-trained pilot, and in this case, a JET pilot.  The pilot of the lost bird must feel terrible at losing contact with her. Especially when he tried to blow her up and she wouldn't oblige him. Hhhmm. Now, surely President Obama didn't just want to GIVE the Iranians our latest avionics/offense/defense/technical wizzardry? Well, that sure would be "muslim outreach", wouldn't it? Just like he officially demands of N.A.S.A., while cancelling the Shuttle without developing a replacement/improvement mode of transit for our astronauts.

     But we are not completely powerless!
I took a mission for some 'bidness owners in NYC recently to help them clean up the air around Wall Street:
    Yes, that's my Horizon Hobby Super Cub BNF and that's a BIG can of Lysol disinfectant strapped securely on her wing.
     So, I made a run and made a patch of "clean" over the Street and, bringing her safely home for a  refill of Lysol, I knew my disinfecting days were over:  her lovely white and blue surfaces were drenched in human urine and feces. My, I didn't know they could throw it so high! Oh, those lovely, sensitive "protestors", TIME magazine's "person of the year". Lovely. I take a different approach: I inform myself and vote responsibly, and support candidates who uphold the Constitution and do not wish to oppress and control us, we "free" citizens.
Though she still flew just fine (what a field test!), nonetheless for safety purposes I was forced to burn my Super Cub immediatly upon return with Napalm.
May she rest in peace, and may the Lord bless the United States of America.

                   Freed through Christ Jesus, do not submit to a yoke of slavery again
Amen, my brother in Christ. I will not submit.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

ParkZone UM T-28 is SWEET

     This bird wants to fly. Once trimmed out for level flight, even with a light cross wind, the T-28 tracks true and level. I fly her directly over my head at fifty-seventy feet and see a light but level yaw sometimes, but this I believe is caused by the propeller thrust direction rather than the wind. Just part of the deal. On the tranny I've got her set at 70% servo throw on Dual Rate, with 50% expo. With these attenuated settings she changes direction more than quickly enough for me. At 100% throw and no expo. she's even more sensitive.
     I have planted this bird like a duck onto the surface of a salt water pond, nosed her into asphalt, clipped bushes at speed and landed her on a sandy strip that blew sand onto her motor. After cleaning her up each time, she has recovered fully without protest. All for one hundred dollars from Horizon Hobby. Money well spent.

Monday, September 26, 2011


Of course I was unaware of the nine-foot long bull shark, Carcharhinus leucas,  that was behind me in the three scant feet of water I stood in, upon the submerged sea grass flat. More testosterone by volume coursed through this creature's bloodstream than that of a raging bull African elephant in must, or even that of a college frat boy pledge on "sorority panty night". The prognosis was....negative.

Left-mouse "click" the image and you can see this bull shark's high dorsal fin and, some five feet behind it, the tip of his caudal, or tail, fin. He was not there with me to play tennis. I have a ten inch long chartreuse needlefish fly tied on a 2/0 Tiemco 800 S to a foot of single-strand steel wire for these nosy dudes. And I have yet to have enough heads-up time to loop the thing onto my leader, which takes all of thirty seconds. By then they have usually found their dinner choice--a southern stingray, Dasyatis americana, and pounced on her. I have gotten between a bull and a stingray only once so far. I do not recommend the experience as it could go badly. I cannot claim to be unlucky on that day.      

Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Raindrop's Impact--Manyfold--Frozen in Time.

"Click" it to see the rain "shrapnel" bounce into the air. This is the first rain on this island in three months; and THAT rain was the first rain in FOUR months.
     No fishing or flying today and, finally, it's for a gloriously GOOD reason!

Friday, September 2, 2011

He's Baaaack!

Was away fighting the growing fascism around the globe but managed to catch this, above, a nice multi-spotted redfish, and tried to get a shot of what gives them their name, "redfish". See the hue? Double-mouse click it! When these fish are viewed from above, while in the water, they are quite crimson in coloration when "on the feed" in particular. They can alter their coloration to their environment and, I suspect, to reflect their emotional and energy state.

     Great couple of flights before fishing, when the wind's calm just after dawn.....
Back to the front! Just need more bullets.....

Monday, June 27, 2011

Redfish are GOOD Pinkos

.....That means they are not of the communist variety of "pinko", that fitting label that indicates the oftentimes hidden state of "redness" (communism relies on deceipt in its leaders, as does all evil) from the heady days of the Cold War, when the communist pinko was acknowledged as the enemy to all Liberty which he indeed is!
But back to angling, while we STILL can do it:
Okay, here's what you'll see through a non-tinted lens:
 You should be able to "double click" with your left mouse button to enlarge the photo.
This is the color a redfish acquires once he's over a sandy, white bottom as in the photo. The chromatophores, specialized variable pigmentary cells in his scales, can change color--how quickly is something to observe--to fit their surroundings to some extent, i.e., what is "red" cannot turn to "green", but it can certainly, as observed, turn to pink. They can also take on a copper or brass hue that helps hide them when they're swimming over green and green-brown submerged sea grasses. Oh, look at that electric blue neon tail! Now, the big question: does this color change happen autonomically, by change in state, or does the fish have some say in the matter? I think not, but only the fish and God know the whole truth here.
A Libertarian observation: These redfish are the only good pinkos on the planet, true Fish of Free Enterprise!
Release them to taunt the communists, who wish to imprison them and everything else on earth,  unless you are REALLY HUNGRY and have to eat them--you've put out the effort and earned them afterall!
Note: I pray I do not HAVE to kill a redfish, a friend of mine, in order to survive through this present administration that attacks a man's ability to provide unless he's a Wall Street Liberal getting reciprocal payback or a G.E. Chief Executive taking massive subsidies for worthless "green energy" that, well, doesn't quite work out just yet, hits the environment with doses of lead (batteries) and mercury (curly-cue lightbulbs),  but let's not pay any attention to THAT FACT and play pretend while they get rich off the Nation's suffering.
     On to the fishing again, while some of us pray for an expedited trip to the Lake of Fire for these fascists (that's Government CONTROL of "private" industry, for a definition--see G.M., all energy companies, the health industry, etc..) . Yup, the present administration is fascistic by definition. As are those who support him, too, by complicity.  Is that what you wish to be? That's what you ARE, if you support the present democrat party agenda of control and death of (only, it seems) innocents.
If so, please, for your own self, repent (turn away)! Our time is nigh (thank God)!
Happy Angling and Liberty through Christ Jesus! 
Off the Lectern and on to flying and fishing!

                                  Freed through the blood of Christ Jesus, do not submit to a yoke of slavery again
                                       --Paul of Tarsus, the last Apostle and Servant of Christ

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Servos: To Lubricate or to Kill by Rust

"Do not lubricate servos," a small print reads in a back water place inside my Spektrum DX6i owner's manual.
Here on the Gulf Coast where salt in the air oxidizes aluminum and maybe plastic it's so heavy, this is not really an option. So, do you lubricate your servos and, if so, what do you use?
I use a tiny drop of LPS-1 on my tiny ParkZone micro servos, applied with a Q-tip right at the shaft insertion. I also hit the little rail inside the track with it. I have not had a failure, or a fire, yet.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Neon Blue

Sciaenops Ocelatus flashes her Neon Blue:

"Click" it to enlarge it. It's rare for a photo to capture the true blue of a red's tail. I almost never get it, but I got it above. Answer: Chromatophores, specialized cells actually generate  the color. 

And, here's Archosargus probatocephalus, my nemesis for a number of years, locally. I called them "The Poor Man's Permit" in a story I wrote for Fly Fishing in Saltwaters  back in 1997.  Now I catch them with flies all the time. Watch out for their human-like teeth--CHOMP!! Double "click" this photo, and you can see that it's hard to tell this fish's smile from Jimmy Carter's toothy rictus. Thank God, this fish didn't lecture me. 

And for Heaven's sake, look out for her dorsal spines! No venom here, but they're sharp!:

No adult bull sharks showed up this morning to chase my catch. We were all thankfull, though I haven't lost a fish I've caught to "secodary predation" to one in many a year--that I know about, that is. The bulls I've observed have no qualms about making a big ruckuss, a big to-do commotion of pandemonium, when they make a kill in two feet of water: FLOOOM! BAM! SPLASH! CARNAGE! OH, LOOK AT ME! D-R-A-M-A!!!
 They sure are drama queens! I hope they don't mind my mocking their behavior. But they DO make a big show of it, really.  I've got a few photos of the aftermath--foaming water at a distance, mostly. Some damned close and really out of focus, too. I hope you understand. I'll spare you the drama.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bull Shark First of 2011

     This little two footer showed up Sunday night and swam around the light's perimeter for an hour. A shark probably in his first year, he is the earliest of the summer bull sharks to show up in West Galveston Bay this year. I typically see his big elders on the redfish flats in starting about mid-June, which begs to question: why so early for the little guy? Well, one explanation is that, with most bony fishes anyway, the younger fish are more temperature tolerant, which explains why you will find few small frozen fish after a hard freeze, but find MANY big fish. This is an evolutionary advantage for any species survival, as it allows the young to survive sudden seasonal changes while in their nursery, typically removed from the open ocean bodies in a more isolated bay/estuarial system. No reason the cartilagenous fishes would not take advantage of this hardiness, either. How do I know she's a bull shark, Charcharhinus leucas? The sharply rising high dorsal and blunt snout are big "tells" on speciation with these buggers. Please forgive the fuzzy photos, but you should be able to see these traits  nonetheless.
     Should be a year of high predation, hopefully with me at the TOP of the food chain and not in the belly of this little guy's grandparent. Oh, yes: Bull sharks eat people. They've charged me. They have been found to be responsible for more attacks on humans than any and all other species of shark. These are the attacks that the "professionals" know about, only. There are many more. When one is alone, there is no one to record or report an "event". This is when this species is extremely aggressive towards humans--they know by the sounds and impulses in the water exactly what's going on. So, only the shark knows each of his meals. He is the REAL expert of his own behaviour. And those in the water with him often--lone anglers such as myself, know him pretty well, too. They DO love stingrays. Poor frienly water-flying guys!

Here's the slinky swimming motion of a relaxed shark illustrated: you can "click" this image for a closer look

And here's that profile with the high dorsal and schimitar tail: you can "click" this image for a closer look, too.

I must work on getting better night shots.....the silhoueted subject in the light confuses the "intellignet" digital camera.

Oh, I tried to bind this shark to my DX6i Spektrum transmitter. No dice!
Back to Research and Development!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Friday, April 15, 2011

Redfish "On" Like Donkey Kong !

They're getting bigger:

As this 18-21" aggressor Red attests this morning. But they're also getting stronger, fighting harder, in the warming water of the West Galveston Bay. Of note, the water where I fish is highly oxygenated by submerged seagrass beds, which keep the local dissolved O2 levels higher than surrounding barren bottom areas, and I believe the fish know this, and perk up with it. They fight harder here, and recover faster.
     This particular red is a "grunter" (hence the name "red drum"), a male fish (females are quiet), and he made surging runs, the first of which was 100' long. He fought for five full minutes in powerful bursts and was just scrappy as an angry Union Marxist in the Wisconson Captial.
     I let him go 'cause he was just too cool to kill. I do that a lot and not to feel holier than though, but because I like the spirit and giving nature of these babes, and I'm still able to buy food at the moment. I would rather go butcher one of our wild pigs than kill a redfish, though, which I might end up having to do within the next fiscal year of O-pression. Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock........Our top, so-called leader may be a dirty ace, but I'm patient. You?

     This noble Redfish and his brothers are eating shrimp patterns in tan, and Pinfish patterns (horizontal black barring) are killer, too, as these are the prevalent prey over my local sea grass beds.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Redfish Marls

     With their underslung mouth, denoted "inferior" which strictly applies to its location and not its effectiveness as the scientifically uninformed unerringly fail to communicate to readers, the redfish is perfectly suited to sucking things up from the botttom, even vacuuming them from underneath a soft substrate. They do this with the opercular (gill plates) vacuum action of their mouth cavities: they open their gill plates with their mouth closed, which creates a vacuum of space in their mouth, and then they quickly open their mouth, which sucks in anything in its immediate vicinity, be it water, bay bottom, prey, or hopefully your fly.
    When a school of these fish (and bonefish or any other bottom-vacuum feeder) puts the "feed bag" on and goes to town there are always physical signs, or "tells". Namely, a big suspended and--if actively feeding--a growing and shifting cloud of bay bottom detritus clouding the water above and downtide of them. It is a beautiful thing to find and, I feel, a wonderful friendly "hello there" gift of the redfish (and bonefish) to the attentive, intrepid angler.
     Oh, and they'll eat about anything you throw into the "mud". Just make sure it sinks!
 I personally thank Jesus Christ every single time I spot a "mud" from these thoughtful gamefish! I am not kidding and I suggest you do such, too, as it will happen more often for you, too. Again, I am not kidding. But give thanks because it's the respectful thing to do, not because you'll find more fish. Otherwise you've actually jinxed yourself and you won't find squat.
     Here's a "mud" product for color--oh, and for the sake of the redfish, please do NOT touch their gill tissue. Holding thim behind the head, like thusly illustrated, without touching the red tissue underneath their gill plates and the bony rakers the red gill tissue is attached to is MUCH easier on them for recovery:

Here's a productive and visible MUD fly for reds or bonies:

Note: this is an early rendition. To prevent the fly from spinning in flight, I tie a second wing of white/tan bucktail on the opposite side, like a second "claw", of the fly for uniform flight and swimming action.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Harbingers of Victory

Landed and released several of these before an April front today. Where these little Redfish were today will be their larger buddies soon. Can't wait! So I know where some big Reds are right now!

"Click" the image for a closer look. The Key to bagging them on fly in Spring is simple: FIND them! They'll eat! But until the shrimp bury themselves in greater numbers in the sand later in the Spring, I find a PIGGY PERCH/ PINFISH barred fly on a #4 hook with mini lead eyes to be choice, as this is the abundant prey at the moment (one can feel the "piggies" kissing one's legs while standing--always a good tip-off to prey availability at the moment).

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Can You Identify????

Give a shot at unravelling this image, courtesy of my fishing bud Thomas Reckling, the Belizean Fly Fishing World Champion of 2009, El Pescador Lodge, along with fishing partner, fellow Champion and friend Mark Elliot, may the good Lord keep his spirit close. "Click" the image for a closer look. Leave your guess....
Hint: this species has been known to drive people to drink. In my case, I was so moved I was driven to STOP drinking by this species. No kidding.....

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Man's Best Friend

This is my buddy Jasper, named after what's in Heaven: paths of gold so pure it is translucent and houses--Mansions--of precious Jasper.... An unusually large, Tri-colored Springer, he is loyal and happy. If you "click" the image, you can see that he has a pine cone in his mouth, which he is trying to hide and bring into the house. Epic fail!
He has a sister, Juneau, who is the best hunter of the litter.
They do not fly with me as these two English Springer Spaniels would chase, catch and consume my airplanes, no problem.
I will post clearer pictures of them soon.
Jasper's a gentle giant of a Springer, a World Champion and protector of our home and family.

Monday, March 7, 2011

March, 1945: Mosquitos Blitz Nazis

The noose was tightening around the Wehrmacht's neck.
     Lord Basil Embry, Two Group, Bomber Command, and a number of Mosquitos sped at tree top level over Nazi-Occupied Copenhagen, Denmark and at 400 mph approached Gestapo Headquarters, where partisan freedom fighters were being brutally "interrogated". The Mossys dropped their small bombs with such precision that not a single partisan was even injured, while the Nazi facilities and many Nazis were destroyed.
You can read about this, and Spitfires and Hurricanes and the men who flew and maintained them, in Group Captain Johnnie Johnson's Wing Leader, a great read! The historical insight gained is worth its weight in gold, at today's prices! 

For the record I must issue a correction to the marketing of this book: Johnnie Johnson, with 38 accredited enemy single-seat, single-engine fighter planes downed, is NOT the leading allied ace. He was the leading SURVIVING ace after the war.
The true, official leader was Richard Bong, U.S.A.A.F., who flew a P-38 over the Pacific and wreaked Japanese havoc: 40 Imperialist planes were downed by Major Bong before he was sent back home, where he was killed in an F-80 jet plane crash. Godspeed, Major Dick Bong!!!! And thank you and your brethren for our Liberty!!!!
Here's more on Major Bong:

Sweet Temptation !

Serial number 1 off the De Havilland factory floor: ("click" images to enlarge--twice, if you like)

She's from the ParkZone Factory in Illinois, flown in safely and parked in my Hangar by a beautiful W.A.A.F. pilot (Women's Army Air Force), she's a beaut! And she's got some punch:
Those are Hispano 20 mm cannon, perfect for strafing the enemies of our grand Republic, the United States of America!
I must spend more time in my T-28 Trojan Trainer before I take to the air in this speedy steed of sting!

     First Observation notes:
     Packaging was safe and solid in her P.Z. box, with no rattling allowed! She is large (20 1/2" wingspan) enough to be considered almost a jump up into the "Parkflyer" category, at least to this Micro pilot. We'll see how she handles!
     Her landing gear are stout! They'll need be, as I will no doubt be slamming her into the ground in order to escape the enemy at times.
     She came with a 6V/ 12V DC charger with a micro connection to her one, 250mah 20 C battery, with alligator clips to plug onto a battery directly, or onto an AC/DC convertor for your wall socket.
I am pleased to report that the quality and workmanship of everything appears SOLID. Everything I've purchased from ParkZone has been, so far, soundly engineered and built.
More to come.....

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Noble Ships and.......

There's the U.S.S. Ronald Wilson Reagan!
There's the U.S.S. George Herbert Walker Bush!
             --soon to be launched--
             the P.O.S. Barack Hussein Obama.

U.S.S.= United States Ship
P.O.S.= Peoples' Oppressor Ship

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mosquito's Buzz Terrifies Fascists!

I'll be field testing this twin-Merlin powered craft of Hitler's lament soon!
I'll post photos of the noble bird BEFORE I no doubt crash her. You see, sometimes a man must bite off the big piece of steak while it's there for him and worry about the consequences later! I AM NOT QUALIFIED TO FLY A TWIN ! Did that stop Thomas Edison from inventing the lightbulb? NO!
I'll have Mosquito #2 standing by after the carnage of learning

History Lesson:
Lord Basil Embry of Two Group, Bomber Command, RAF, flew in at tree-top height, at 400 mph, over occupied Copenhagen in March, 1945 and precision bombed Gestapo Headquarters in this craft.There were Partisans being interrogated in the building but Lord Embry had been given diagrams of it and placed the bombs like fine crystal all around them, but not harming them!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Water Spout Loitering

"Click" it to enlarge it. You can "click" the image twice to fill your screen and see the funnel cloud impact, center, and its snaking cone coming from the clouds on the upper right.
     This guy hung and whirled around me for thirty solid minutes, waxing, waning, strengthening, focusing and meandering close. Near me, I could see the bay cove's submerged sea grass uprooted by it whirling up into the air at its focal point on the water. There was no sound. They happen all the time in summer and especially at the margins of fall. I caught many redfish that day on crab flies, and let 'em go. They'd had a whirly day, too!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Redfish at Night, Wo-Ho !

The easiest introduction to saltwater fly casting with the most reel-screaming reward is the fabulous American Red, White and Blue-tipped-Tailed Redfish, Sciaenops ocelatus, AT NIGHT.
The fishing grounds:

Submerged lights on the Bay to draw phytoplankton, zooplankton and the rest of the foodchain, including.....

The reward, a 24" redfish. The fish was released so that I can catch him again tomorrow night, if I wish, and if he obliges me again. The way he attacked the fly tonight I have no doubt he will. He socked the fly so hard it was like I had rolled a rum bottle down a jail cell floor on a weekend night, as my beloved FFF Certifier, Lefty Kreh, likes to say.
     A seven weight with a matching Scientific Angler's Bonefish Taper Sinking Mastery fly line is the line of choice for this game. It is CLEAR and can cast all the way across the canal if I want it to. A red will eat most anything, but if they are keying on shrimp, throw a shrimp imitation, or if baitfish, throw a small Deceiver or Clouser. They're not too particular. Unlike the TROUT, Cynoscion nebulosus, which are notorious selective feeders at times of concentrated, specific prey availability.
    Importantly, do not flail at the water; make a quiet presentation and rest the water if you don't hook-up after one or two shots, or you'll put them down for the count--especially redfish, which flee like Wisconsin Democrat Senators flee from duty to the will of the People.

Friday, January 28, 2011

A Great 4-Channel "Trainer"

This little ParkZone T-28 Ultra Micro just won my heart yesterday! She flew straight out of the box on my DX6i with very little trimming. She was faster than expected, too. I even landed her--sort of! And, there was a 10-12 mph wind that varied in direction somewhat. Such a wind would have folded my little Mustang.

After a few training flights on the Ember 2, the jump to the T-28 UM is a logical move. Available at Horizon Hobby and elsewhere, for speed.
Good Flying!

Note: per the T-28 manual for first flights, I've cut the Dual Rate for all surface controls down to 70% on my DX6i, for a 30% reduction in input to the control surfaces. This cuts down on sudden, exaggerated responses until a pilot is READY for them!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The MaObama MiG-15

Student Pilots must first complete an approved course in Black Liberation Theology by Comrade Reverend Wright before flying the People's Jet Fighter. This insures that the pilots will be more than good communists; they will be ANGRY communists, motivated to poke every American in the eye.
     Loaded with inexpensive Chinese circuitry, I do not expect the above jet to last long. I pray what it symbolizes does not last long either: evil tyrannical oppression of God-given Liberty to Man.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Fish of Dreams

     As much as I love this new life venture of flying miniature versions of what I once briefly flew, I still have vivid dreams of fish. This one, here above, popped into my sleep last night. "Click" him to magnify his grace, and see. He's a Blackie, a black drum, Pogonias cromis. I know he looks whitish, but that's because he's so HUGE, around fifty pounds or so. When they're babies, they have black stripes, hence the name "black drum". I threw a purple and creme Merkin crab fly I'd tied up for reds at him, and he would have nothing to do with it. I had not lead him enough as he was cruising and, with his eyes facing forward rather than looking down as when feeding, he probably saw my leader and the game was up.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Call of History in Good against Evil

From RAF Group Captain Johnnie Johnson, leading Allied Ace, written in  his great Tomb Wing Leader :

     ".....they turned better than the Messerschmitt (109), for we had all our work cut out to shake them off....these brutes....superior to the Messerschmitt and COMPLETELY OUTCLASSED OUR SPITFIRE 5s."

This startling observation was in November of 1941, at the introduction of Kurt Tank's Focke-Wulff 190 into the Theatre over occupied France. The battle of upgrading and countering on both sides would escalate.....

We must keep these noble birds forever in our lives, or they will, if we neglect them, reform in a new incarnation to shake the very foundations of Liberty and threaten freedom around the world, as the Focke- Wulff under Hitler did, for a time....
Opportunity and a new tyrant or tyrants hope the free people forget how it all played out when we were engaged, and not asleep.........