Monday, March 7, 2011

Sweet Temptation !

Serial number 1 off the De Havilland factory floor: ("click" images to enlarge--twice, if you like)

She's from the ParkZone Factory in Illinois, flown in safely and parked in my Hangar by a beautiful W.A.A.F. pilot (Women's Army Air Force), she's a beaut! And she's got some punch:
Those are Hispano 20 mm cannon, perfect for strafing the enemies of our grand Republic, the United States of America!
I must spend more time in my T-28 Trojan Trainer before I take to the air in this speedy steed of sting!

     First Observation notes:
     Packaging was safe and solid in her P.Z. box, with no rattling allowed! She is large (20 1/2" wingspan) enough to be considered almost a jump up into the "Parkflyer" category, at least to this Micro pilot. We'll see how she handles!
     Her landing gear are stout! They'll need be, as I will no doubt be slamming her into the ground in order to escape the enemy at times.
     She came with a 6V/ 12V DC charger with a micro connection to her one, 250mah 20 C battery, with alligator clips to plug onto a battery directly, or onto an AC/DC convertor for your wall socket.
I am pleased to report that the quality and workmanship of everything appears SOLID. Everything I've purchased from ParkZone has been, so far, soundly engineered and built.
More to come.....

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