Sunday, September 30, 2012

Los Muertos Silencios del Sur

Comienza con Obama en 2009......
(It begins with Obama in 2009.....)

So no one can blame George Walker Bush for Barack Obama and Eric Holder, Attorney General, crimes. Though both criminals have already tried to by magically moving the date of  their owned (gotcha) program back in time. But not even "The One" can time-travel to manipulate things to his advantage--not just yet. He certainly can get many, many people killed, however.
     This is the kind of covered-up massacre that happens when so-called "leaders" view human beings as "voting blocks" and not as humans.
     So you think you've got the Ol' Hispanic Voting Block all sealed up, Mr. Obama? You should not have given guns to drug cartels to promote violence and murder, in your malevolent effort to undercut the American 2nd Amendment and take law-abiding citizens' guns away, as that in itself is fundamentally and morally wrong; and yet, you didn't stop to think that the consequential murder of hundreds of human beings was also morally bankrupt?  What did you think would happen???? You did not care. How do I speak with such certainty? Obama must have wanted mayhem because, if his motive were anything different, remotely benign even, to keep track of these weapons, then he would have had a tracking device, a tiny GPS chip, placed into each firearm he gave to the drug dealers. But he did not. He just gave a bunch of automatic weapons and grenades and stuff to a bunch of drug dealers, "Here ya go.". Thus, mayhem was the agenda, followed by a sudden crack-down on U.S. gun sales and further restrictions/confiscations on outstanding firearms. You cannot make this kind of darkness up.
Congratulations y Gracias, Unavision!  Y tambien, lo siento. Lo siento mucho.

Here's a short version:

Hugo Chavez has Barack's Back!

Aw, the two smiling, tyrannical dictators have each others' back again, trading communist worker revolt and class warfare books back and forth, it's just so precious! Hugo endorsed Obama in the last election, too. And I remember that Hitler and Stalin signed a peace agreement and had glowing things to say about each other publicly. Then in 1941 Hitler abandoned invading England because they had the nerve to fight back and so he invaded Russia, instead, in Barbarrosa. Fight back, America!
     Retire Obama to some unfortunate golf club where he can actually help create a job by lobbing his chipping wedges into water traps in frustration and having to buy new ones. Do it for the Golfing Industry! Now that's patriotism!!!

Media Whoredom Exposed (Soon to be Ignored)

This is Pat Caddell, former Democrat strategist-turned Enlightened Human Being, expounding on media (and Obama Administration) corruption. A line has been crossed and the media, in hiding the truth from the public, are an ACTIVE ENEMY of the American people.
Good on you, Mr. Caddell, on speaking up about the obvious and putting it on record.  Two thumbs up!
I'd like him to vent on the murders of Fast and Furious, too. No person died in Watergate. Hundreds if not thousands of people have been rampantly murdered under Obama's Fast and Furious Second Amendment attack debacle and now we've American Foreign Service murdered in his Middle East dereliction of duty, a failure to protect Americans. 

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Men do not Submit to Tyrants

We Defeat Them.
Defeat Obama in 2012
Photo courtesy "Mac" of "The Chive".

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Worshipping the Father of Lies

     Ah, the little tow-headed child in his crisp Hitler Youth uniform, blushing slightly as he stands upon the stage before the crowd of fifty thousand fellow Youths. Here he is, getting his blonde head patted by Der Fuhrer himself,  who presents him with a Patriotism Award for, perhaps, killing some Jews or Poles, or, even better, some Jewish Poles. Ah, remember the heady times....well, they're back, in America! 
No, Hitler wasn't Christian: he had his SchutzStaffel (S.S.) destroy ALL Crosses, murdered devout Christians along with Jews, and demanded all his officers and soldiers forsake worshipping the Lord God to worship him, instead. He was as Christian as Obama is; in that both are absolutely antithetical to the teachings of Christ.

Parasitic Ingratitude--Mean while they Steal

Just plain ugly, and in a Biblical sense.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Media: The Bought Whores of Satan

Just really liked that title of mine so went with it. Here's some backing, as if we needed any:

Bozell seems a good bloke.
Hey, for a little levity: Look at these alleged Iranian "pilot" blokes in high-tech, top secret, "eyes only" training photo leaked by one "Viper Pilot". Thank you, Colonel H., and I look forward to your new book! I'll post a link and review!

         Be afwaid. Be very afwaid! (photo courtesy Col. Dan Hampton, Viper Pilot).
Possibly the only legitimate concern is that even utter morons can get lucky if all they've gotta' do is push a button someone else built that's attached to a decent launchable missle someone else built, at precisely the exact, blind-luck moment that only certain "touched" idiots seem to magically possess.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Free Speech Conundrum

"Peaceful" would be the operative, defining word in civilized society. If the demonstration is not peaceful, then it is not civilized and therefore not "free speech" but merely a riot of uncivilized animals. The conundrum is that denying a demonstration before it even takes place is based on a huge assumption: that one is dealing with uncivilized animals incapable of holding a peaceful protest/demonstration. What is sad is that evidence, behavior, and that violent,  in past demonstrations proves this assumption correct. 

And where does this lead? More protests, about not being able to protest, of course.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Satan Uses such Incompetent Boobs

Never knew that CYA, "Cover Your Ass", lethally incompetent dimwits were so blatantly the tools of the devil but, alas, it's been revealed as the case over the last three point seven-five years. Here's one great title of a fellow who's as absolutley disgusted to the point of laughter in the face of evil, as I am:

But intelligence alone is not enough of a defense, as many "smart" folks fall for traps like demagogic tyrants all the time. Hitler and Stalin, MaO and Pott had their faithful, afterall. 'Tards.

Here's the key defense against all deceit, especially Satan, "the father of lies," (John 8:44b): And if you're paying attention you'll note that it is conditional. You cannot have the result if you don't abide by the required condition which, I find, can be pretty tough. But absolutely true, I also thankfully observe. It is an innoculation against all deceit, the Word of God.

IF you continue in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free
--Jesus, in John 8:31,32.

Otherwise, you're gonna' fall for the father of lies. Seen it. See it everyday happen to people who think they really are on top of the sitch-e-a-tion. They appear to be living under a veil, an amorphous cloud that they are entirely unaware of, completely clueless to their master, the devil and his earthly minions.
     Man, I do not want to put that veil back on, though it is a comforting, easy veil to don.
     And this is not funny: people are dying. Millions of people are suffering. Innocent ones, too. Not the murderers, the thieves, the liars, oh my....

Mark of the Beast: the E.B.T. ??? (An Hypothesis)

 One hypothetical based upon observation employing the Scientific Method: test, test, test again, impartially and empirically (facts, not "desires," no matter how painful or refuting of the posited hypothesis one hopes to prove):    
     In difficult times I am tempted, and times are indeed difficult now. Please do not be tempted; I post this so that you can see how easy, how deceptively comforting they make it to succumb; and this, for millions who, evidence indicates, have intentionally been placed in dire straits for certain individuals' political power over the very millions of human beings they purport to be "helping":
"Oh, and it's all legitimate, for food and necessities only and--what was that, Oh don't look at that !!!":

    .....One cannot buy or trade without "the mark," it is commonly predicted. Well, I thought, What has expanded exponentially and is a symbol of  societal....disintegration amid difficulty? What also reflects economic sloth and envy-based parasitism? The Electronic Benefit Transfer card program and the welfare state. Much of this suffering is legitimate, of good people suffering under an oppressive Marxist who depends upon the very Class Warfare that precipitates this difficulty--it is a corrupt means to a corrupt ends, and neither of them justifiable as they are born of evil intent. The point, the ends,  is that this dependency upon the state is, observationally, fully intentional: those dependent upon support will vote to keep the provider in power. The entire Marxist Class Warfare philosophy and those who abuse it for personal gain--a pure selfishness--might this be the ultimate manifestation of the devil? Things seem to be proceeding or, as evil would say, "progressing," as planned:

     Desperation and true parasitism are the two conditions that lead to seeking aid from someone who offers it. My personal plan, if I need it in the future:
      Get another job; then, if needed, I will go to the Church, or another Non Governmental Organization (N.G.O) for a hand up, not a hand out, and thus deprive the government that has, to all observation, established the very misery for power over many in the first place. If everyone did this, then the government would have no power over either the desperate or the truly paristitic. What a pipe dream.
     So of course the Church is under attack by the government. And of course N.G.O.s are facing pressure from the "G," also, in the form of targeted taxation that undercuts any possibility of true charity. These free  society entities are viewed as "competition" by government, which does not fight fair of late; yet they are a competition motivated not by power,  but by love. I, for one, always look to motive, as this reveals the truth.

     The Desperate (potentially myself) and the truly parasitic need look no further than to the universal guide and provider that is entirely benign and meant to help one "up", and not "hook" into dependence:

Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven, the Will of God, and all else will be added unto you.
But seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things shall be yours as well
--Jesus, in the Sermon on the Mount (Mattew  6:33, RSV).
     In this true, extended and partly (at least) intentional Depression I seek God through Christ Jesus my Lord, my Teacher, my Counselor and Advocate, my Provider and Master. I serve Him, my Lord,  and not government. I pray I remain so.
     Again, this entirely explains why the Church is under attack by the present Administration. The Church is a bulwark against their intentions, their very motive of existence and expansion of power. And the government takes from those who produce; the Church, on the other hand, receives from the willing heart, which is the true charity: For they gave according to their means....of their own free will (II Corinthians 8:3).
See the contradiction, the window for abuse:

To each according to his need  (as determined by the individual or state) 
--Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels in the Communist Manifesto.
Oh, is that abused on two sides ("democrat" politician and parasite) for personal gain! And it is refuted by my Lord.
....To each according to his ability (as determined by God)
--Jesus Christ, Lord ( Matthew 25:15b and elsewhere).

One is true Freedom, born of love. One is of slavery, bondage.
The slave (here, the government) does not continue in the house for ever (his authority ends); the son continues for ever. So if the Son makes you free, you will be free indeed
--Jesus, (John 8:35, 36).

For freedom Christ has set us free; stand fast, therefore, and do not submit to a yoke of slavery again
--Galatians 5:1.
It's the old battle of Good v Evil. I'm standing fast and holding on, Lord! And thus have already won.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Your Kinder, Gentler Adolf Hitler: Barack Hussein Obama

                    First, I've got to say, "Hey, thanks, Democrats! Good job!"
     September 15, 2012, "anti-islam" filmaker whisked away in the middle of the night--the "red herring" personified, thrown to the wolves to take the heat for Barack Obama's negligence that led to the deaths of American Foreign Service patriots in Libya. Free speech "suppressed". Gagged and bound. Imprisoned, actually. But there have been many First Amendment violations by this president. Each should have resulted in his removal from office.
     Gee, it was September 11th--that couldn't have had anything to do with Muslims attacking Americans.  Here's a tid-bit from the AP (Administration Press) that confirms they and the whole media were propagating propaganda and therefore, in effect, complicit in the sad video-maker scapegoat scheme to cover up Obama's lies and disasterous policy of outright submission to Islam:
Oh, really? So carting off the scapegoat red herring was just for fun. Nice! Too stupid to even realize you're exposing your own false reporting to cover for Obama, AP.  Here's an earlier AP story in which the video sap took the fall for Obama and was first questioned, then released before being denied bail for a "parole violation" and thus held: .  AP having consumed the tasty red herring bait.
An earlier warning:

This, in President Obama's first year, is what began the silencing of American voices:

     Could it have had any other intention? No. Some folks on the left of the spectrum thought it was pretty cool, pretty funny. Well, the people pictured below all had, at some point, support from twenty to thirty or so percent of the populace, also. They have to get their goons from someplace. Helps to remember that some things don't change, right? So, our goons will come from the rabid Obama supporter populace, if we let them "blossom" full-flower into what they are: Satanic, atavistic murderers in waiting.

     Being that I am "very direct," as my best friend and people who know me point out, this....little reflection of Josef Goebbell's Third Reich Technique of Blitzkrieg Suppression, suddenly revealed to the American People, demarks specifically when I became absolutely unhinged and leaped into battle against this occupant of our White House. The Reverend Wright hadn't spooked the people so expectations were, unfortunately, low.
     I lost Facebook "friends" en masse to the "delete" and "unfriend" functions over my bug-eyed fighting against this dictator.
     Now, Obama's gone and whisked away some random web filmmaker in the middle of the night who he's made into a classic RED HERRING in order to deflect attention away from his irresponsible foreign policy ineptitude that's resulted in dead Americans, and people are both surprised and outraged at a free speech infraction. Of course someone has to "pay" and give cover to Barack, so, here's the administration scapegoating another convenient member for Obama's "great inept": 
      Believe me, this is mere par for Barack's course at our expense (fore!). Alas, welcome to the fight, you who are finally disgusted and feeling a little over-the-top. And take note from a veteran fascist-fighter:
     Never threaten anybody, anywhere, anytime.  All such pilgrims, including children, have promptly been interviewed by Obama's Secret Service, no matter how blatantly misconstrued the comment may have been. Remember the UFC fighter/chiropracter? Silenced!
The middle-school child visited by the Secret Service because of what he wrote on Facebook about a picture of Obama he saw and then simply posted his conclusion of concern for the president's safety? Silenced!
     The more public the comment, the more public the attention garnered. A threat is a threat, so don't do it, even though this man Obama has threatened US already (see link above).
     The truth revealed is what dictators fear.
     But when it's really, really badtyrants do not even care when the truth of their evil is "out" for all to see. Which is when they go and do things like whisk people off in the middle of the night.

Oh--"Adolf Hitler, that's a strong statement as he was a murderer." Yes, I know. So is Barack Obama: $600-900 million in U.S. taxpayer dollars every year (doubt we'll ever know how much as it's sordid information)  to pay for abortions here in America and around the world under the Mexico City Rules which Obama activated on his first day in office. This is $400 million on top of the $500 million/annually to Planned Parenthood, which uses 95% (documented) of our dollars to abort fetuses :,8599,1873794,00.html
That's a lot of dead innocent babies, including partial-birth murdered, i.e. "living, born" babies.
     Especially when you add that number of dead to the dead Mexican Nationals and Americans from the Fast and Furious debacle where Obama and Holder gave guns to drug cartels in their scheme to undercut our Second Amendment and confiscate guns from law-abiding citizens, unlike themselves. And then there are the dead in Libya. How many more dead are there that we do not know about, voices silenced, their mouths filled with dirt, all to protect a sitting president from his corrupted, malevolent policies against the American People, and his incompetence. You vote for this guy?
You shall not join hands with a wicked man
--the Lord God, in Exodus 23:1. not slay the innocent and righteous, for I will not acquit the wicked.
--the Lord God, in Exodus 23: 7.
So why do I always write this kind of terrible reality imposed upon us by selfish idiots who vote thusly?
Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them
--Ephesians 5:11

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Perhaps I've Been Overly Judgmental of Barack

Do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgment
--Jesus, in Matthew 7:24

     I remember reading in a fly fishing magazine I used to subscribe to about Barack Obama, in the summer of his first year in office, fly fishing with a guide on the Gallatin River near some of my favorite water.
                                       White House Staff Photo by Souza

     I thought, "If he fly fishes, and it changes him like it changed me, maybe he won't jam bureaucrat-controlled healthcare down our throats with his controlled congress and won't diss Israel and Britain and our Troops so much; maybe he can get his wife's mitts off my entire dietary menu and grocery store contents;  maybe he can stay away from indoctrinating America's children into worshipping government and himself through his Pol Pott-like NEAU controlled schools; maybe he won't suppress free speech and threaten the American people with things like, "report fishy emails, letters, etc..., about healthcare reform and the president to such-and-such", an honest-to-God, official White House Gestapo snitch-site ; maybe he won't shut down energy production with falsified documentation and then defy judges' orders to back off in attempts to force "green" energy upon America at great expense when the technology isn't viable yet; maybe he won't defy the Word of God and invoke His wrath in rebukes of Israel's sovereign territory, proven in the oldest property deed in human history (Genesis 23:3-18); maybe he won't literally force Christian institutions to violate the Faith by paying for abortifactant drugs (Ex. 23:7 and elsewhere) as just a taste of what's forthcoming in Stalinesque, godless Obamacare; okay, that's enough for one article."
     I reflect on that today and do wish President Barack Obama had spent more time with his guide, more time fly fishing, knowing that this would indeed have changed him. It still can. No man is beyond redemption, if he repents, if he confesses with his lips that Jesus is the Christ, the Messiah come to earth to suffer for those who believe and to die for them, that he indeed gave his life of his own accord for us--the Jews and Romans did not kill him, but he lay his life down of his own accord (John 10:17-19)--and then was raised back from the dead on the third day, the first reborn of the dead, and fourty days later that he ascended into heaven where he is to this day, at the right hand of God the Father, and that in believing this in our hearts and speaking it with our lips and not being ashamed of it before men, we will live with the Father and the Son in heaven for ever.
     I know that I can help Barack. I have been, afterall, a nationally certified fly casting instructor with the Federation of Fly Fishers (now it's "international" F.F.F., so I guess I'm global now) for nineteen glorious years. Looking at that picture above, I can see that you've formed a pretty good back-cast oop, Mr. President, but that it is too downwardly-directed which will result in an upwardly-directed forward cast if you hit that part of the cast, the forecast, correctly, which would open everything up and unroll the cast way up high in the air from whence it will collapse down onto the water in a heap. But you did form a good back-cast loop, Mr. President.  Just hit it a heartbeat earlier to keep it above the water, relax, then come forward smoothly with a firm wrist always and then accelerate to a stop like you were trying to throw a tomato off a fork, aimed parallel with the water, with the stop aimed just above where you want the fly to go, and you'll do fine. Do that same thing on the back-cast, parallel with the water, maybe aimed up a touch. Good. The fish won't know where that fly came from, it'll look perfect.
     Everything's better now, knowing the president's on the river casting with the fly rod, catching and releasing noble trout, far away from the Oval Office.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Downgrade. Again. But Keep Faith!

A "Friday Dump" of bad news.
I cannot leave you, or myself, that way, so.....
We know that in everything God works for good with those who love Him, who are called according to His purpose
--Romans 8:28.

Tobytoon Relief

Thanks, Tobester!

Good on You, Judge Gohmert (U.S. Rep., TX)

God Bless the Gold Star Families, as they have blessed us and Liberty around the troubled world. Towards a fix:  address the issue or it'll never get fixed:

Gold Star Families at the U.S. Capital with Congressman Louis Gohmert on Thursday, Sept. 13th. 

Dereliction of Duty--Again

Clueless and could not care less, by definition of his very acts--and inactions.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Marines in Harm's Way Disarmed for Liberal PC

With multiple sources this information is no doubt the correct information. The Obama Administration is already trying to deny and cover this up, adding lies and insult to injury:

May the good Lord watch over out soldiers, arimen, Marines and coasties, as this administration certainly is not.

High-Speed Rail to Tripoli

     Now, he just might read the anger of the voting electorate and thus decide to turn a small portion of the sands of North Africa into glass, if such would allow Mr. Obama to hold on to his diminishing power as president. Even voles and rabbits have figured out that Barack is an entirely political animal with no interests in right and wrong, God and country, so anything to keep the duped and welfare doped on his side he will absolutely do. And a little regional retribution, as distasteful as Mr. Obama personally would find it--he did, afterall, utilize American forces in Libya without congressional approval or even consideration to create this mess--would provide those "Obama got Osama" idol-worshipping pagans (by definition) with more false justification to vote for him. Understand this, and you will understand the superficial and atavistic creature that is Barack Hussein Obama.
     But what he really wants to do is build a high-speed rail entirely at U.S. Taxpayer expense from the western reaches of North Africa across the Dark Continent through the Med to Arabia and Turkey, then flush on perhaps to his friends in China, to impress them no doubt.
     It would have to be "green" of course, which really means very, very dirty but pleasantly hidden so that we don't have to look at the damage to our environment and thus feel really superficially good about our superficial caring that we can point to as we puff up our chests. Why, look at the Chevy Volt: each car today costs Taxpayers $49, 000 after it is bought, mind you. I hear the battery explosions and fires have really dropped in exposure at least, if not actual number of incidents. A subsidized explosion of Lithium and lead. Charged largely by the burning of coal at coal-fired electric plants is the Volt; but that happens over there behind that hill so that we don't have to feel guilty about it because we live over here.
     How does an Obama occur, and what has created followers of this false man and his false ideaology? This was predicted and answered roughly two thousand years ago :

For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own likings, and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander into myths
--II Timothy 4:3
     Lord, save us from Liberal Fascism.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

More Innocents Die under Obama

     So you've been beating your chest all around the country about how "you" got Osama, Mr. Obama. Well, I am humbled to say that a caller, "Claire," to the Rush Limbaugh radio show today reminded us that the Muslim world, and fans of bin Laden in particular, might not appreciate such gloating. She had a point. Regardless that Obama sat on Osama's location for six months until he was prodded to act and that Seal Team Six and the Bush intelligence community actually "got" bin Laden, gloating about taking out a "hero" to that part of the world is a move of pure vainglory and hubris, with observationally tragic, entirely avoidable consequences. So now innocent Americans are dead.
     "He who exalts himself shall be humbled," Jesus said many times to those who would but listen.  

      M. Gadaffi/Kadaffi, you remember, disarmed in fear upon the U.S. invasion of Iraq in March, 2003. Nonetheless, Obama made a point of routing him in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Arab "Spring" of 2011 and facillitated his death in the streets by a mob. Embracing and endorsing this Muslim rebellion, it was a cheap, easy kill to bolster Baracks' "gangsta" street cred. Egypt's H. Mubarak, apparently no saint himself, nonetheless maintained peace with Israel and enhanced stability in the region for decades but when Islam revolted in 2011, Obama got behind the movement and prompted Mubarak's ousting, too.
     So on the eleventh anniversary of the islamic terrorist attacks of September 11th 2001, this September 11th, 2012, Islamists burned to the ground the U.S. Consolute in Bengahzi, Libya, and killed the U.S. Ambassador and three other Americans. Islamists also breeched the walls of the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, Egypt, and thrashed the place, burned the American flag, and hoisted some Islamic flag that has some Islamic significance, apparently. As things were heating up on this eleventh  terror anniversary of murder which the muslim world celebrates, the Obama Administration was quick to apologize in case Islam had been offended by some movie or the wind changing direction :
Do you think they might have been upset about Barack's campaigning around spiking the Osama football, and gathered much inspirational fodder from it? Do you think they might have grasped opportunity for retribution on the Eleventh Anniversary of September 11th, 2001???
     The Lesson not learned: Movements of uncivilized Islamists are not a good thing to "get behind" as Barack did, unfortunately.  His ideaology of almost massochistic appeasement, an eager acquiescence that  is at the same time sadistic to others--any Christians and Jews in the regions and us, U.S. citizens and our military abroad, namely--has simply blinded him to the brutal fact of sub-humans' inhumanity to man. And so innocent people died heinously. Americans. Christians. Jews. It should be no surprise.
     Here's some down-home Cajun acknowledgement or, as I call it, "Coon-Ass Wisdom":
     This innocent blood is on Barack Hussein Obama's hands. Add the blood of the Coptic Christians and Jews who were routed and murdered after the Obama-endorsed Muslim Brotherhood takeover in Egypt, and those who had been somewhat protected from Muslim retribution throughout the Muslim world--Libya and Tunisia in particular-- who have also been routed and murdered. These murders are consequences of the election of Barack Hussein Obama, however, and are therefore not covered by the media, national or international, in order to shield him from criticism from the truth. I'd be remiss not to mention the hundreds/by now thousands of  Mexican Nationals and Americans murdered through the Obama Administration's dispersal of weapons to cartels in Fast and Furious. Then there are the aborted dead around the world from Obama's first act in office behind closed doors: his signing of the Mexico City Rules, which unleashed $400 million of American taxpayer money to fund abortions world-wide, including late-term and "partial birth" i.e. killing babies born alive. The swath of murder continues with the $500 million annual funding to Planned Parenthood by the Obama Administration, 95% of which is spent on--you guessed it: abortion. Not mammograms, etc...Do not be deceived.

So today, with innocent American blood flowing in Libya and elsewhere, President Obama delayed his campaign fundraising for an entire hour because he made a speech on the issue, in which he made sure not to condemn Islam.

Thus you will know them by their fruits
--Jesus Christ, Matthew 7:20.    

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Test (Not the River)

....for they loved the praise of men more than the praise of God
--John 12:43.

So every one who acknowledges me before men, I also will acknowledge before my Father who is in heaven; but whoever denies me before men, I also will deny before my Father who is in heaven
--Matthew 10:32.

     Note Jesus says, "before men," and not "the brethren" or "the church"; for why would one declare his own head--Christ--to his own body--the Church? Where is the glory given Christ and his Father in that?
     I acknowledge Christ before men outside the Church. Many rebuke and deny him, right there. I give the glory to him who saved me, rather than to men or, say, institutions, who seek credit and praise to build themselves up. I do it at most every opportunity. The response--silence or reviling--is proof irrefutable that the Bible is out of school and the public square, and the oft vomited hate reveals what IS in school and the square; also shown is that satan indeed controls a lot of men, and that many are simply bigoted against Christ and truth because, every time,  they have not read and studied the Gospel and Epistles. Yet astonishingly to me this irrational hate and denial is to varying extents unbeknownst to them all. Some claim it is being "imposed" upon them when they simply hear it, the go-to mode of being offended at hearing the truth. Truth is not imposed, however; it is revealed. All are free to deny it. So many recoil in reaction to what they do not understand. Some who indeed know better are simply afraid of rejection by the multitude (been there) and cannot overcome their fear, and instead falsely justify it to themselves, and each other. And then there are those who spite the hand that feeds them, that saves them. They consciously know the truth and hate it because it is true and they are not.  This can be toxic: when this willing denial gives birth to action and manifests, it becomes "evil" in that it seeks to  STOP and silence truth. And this evil actualized in men is not necessarily self-aware to them as "evil", but often as a "normal response" to something offensive to their corrupted sensibilities. For example, look at Barack: he thinks he's great, and actually calls himself a "Christian"--but of course he says lots of things that are simply not true. Christ is for all of mankind that are called, all individually as unique through him and God, and not as a collective group. But that's what Barack has claimed to the world, in fact, with his Black Liberation Theology. He's wrong. That is communism which denies the unique humanity of each human and reduces us to a depersonalized collective, none of us with a unique spirit and soul. This is the classic desensitization that, historically, has made it  easier for  corrupted men to justify the stealing from and killing of other individuals for the "betterment of the collective". That's the truth.  It is corruption, perversion of the Gospel for political power of its power-hungry leaders, used to feed grudges and foment hate. So Barack attacks the actual Church, the Church of the one true Christ and God that follows the true Gospel, and imposes strict controls over it. Specifically, with Obamacare forcing us to pay for abortifactants that kill viable fetuses, and that's just the beginning of things that have already been revealed before full implementation of bad law. It is merely the tip of the dark iceberg of totalitarianism. .  
   But, alas, as individuals we do not have to fail the "truth" test. I want to help you. Here in America, if you believe and yet are afraid to speak the truth, say just that: "I wish to declare that this freedom we have is of Christ, that it is because of his work in me and my belief in him; but I am shunned and blacklisted, ignored, if I do and so I am afraid to do it. Nonetheless, I declare it: Jesus Christ said, 'thy will, Father, not mine, be done' and everything else that liberates men. He is real; he healed me and I am proof. He is God incarnate who came to earth and laid down his life, and was raised on the third day from the dead and ascended into Heaven, that those who acknowledge him will also be acknowledged by him and be with him and the Father, as the Father honors those who honor his greatest sacrifice on their account, his Son."
     And now you will be really free, and not a prisoner of the world and of men. If not in America, you might be stoned in the Biblical sense so take warning. That may happen here, soon, if we do not return to our Constitution and God, who's in it as its very foundation.
     So, be civilized for a "change". Do not be ashamed of the truth.

Barack the Cowardly Anti-Semite

     The president really does wish that Israel would just, "Pfft," disappear, what with all the difficulty their being targeted for extinction by Iran creates for his re-election bid.
The only true established democratic state in the entire Middle East (Iraq, well.....tick-tock the clock will tell) and you turn your back on her, Barack, again? The land of God's Chosen, and of  the oldest established property deed in Human history--see Genesis 23:2-20 for actual Deed of Sale, and Genesis 12, 13:14, Exodus 23:31, and also Deuteronomy for the entire property given to Israel by the Lord God--the deed to Abraham and his descendants was made more than four and a half thousand years ago, and you rebuke them, Barack? Again?
You shame yourself again, Mr. President. You cannot bring our nation down to hell with you, which is precisely what you are attempting to do.
Whoever exalts himself shall be humbled
--Jesus Christ, Matthew 23:12
"When?" you may ask. In God's time, of course and, to Him " day is as a thousand years and a thousand years as one day" (II Peter 3:8). 
Oh, and some of us have not forgotten how quickly you jumped "all in" for the mosque being built in sight of Ground Zero. You actually insulted the Word of God, not to mention the innocent dead I just mentioned.
And here's some more boldly proclaimed anti-Semitism reminiscent of Goebbel's best out of Hitler's propaganda machine, including "blood-sucking" and "slithering snake":
At this time the firing squads were running out of expensive bullets, and crematoriums and Zyklon-B cyanide gas were getting the nod for the high-volume work that is machinated genocide. 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

KGB endorses Obama!

I do wonder if the media will report this glowing endorsement from former Kommitet General Bureau Chief Vladimir Putin:
I doubt it,  as even those who believe in state thuggery lorded over us citizens (the media) know this is very bad. Mr. Putin is looking forward to "More flexibility after the election," as President Obama promised him through Russian President Medvedev in the open-mic incident the same media tried their best to cover up. What does this mean:  ask a Hungarian, a Pole, a Czech, an American serviceman who survived the Cold War, like my father, or maybe yours or your grandad. It was "A war with no battles--only casualties," said vaunted Captain Rameus in Tom Clancy's masterpiece, The Hunt for Red October . American steadfast strength defeated this old enemy, even made it a somewhat unstable ally; it freed millions from Soviet communist Warsaw Pact oppression. Weakness will allow the surviving vestiges of the old enemy to awaken from deep sleep, and potentially "put those shackles back on" our newly liberated Eastern European allies, to quote Joe Biden (sigh) gratefully out of context, and in actual truth. At the very least.
    Know the Red October is already in place, in the Oval Office. Mr. Putin, KGB, has just told us so.

We must put him out.

And to those who think Soviet Russia was never our enemy nor has the potential to be such again, know that over the skies of Korea that Russian--yes, Russian--pilots shot down American aircraft. How many? Twenty One Russian pilots claimed "ace" status with American downed aircraft (five makes an "ace"), including huge B-29s with crews of ten. That makes hundreds upon hundreds of  American airmen killed, wounded and imprisoned by real Russian bullets and cannon shells by real Russian pilots.  A KGB man like Vladimir Putin does not need to be given "more flexibility" by a man blinded to true, actual history like Obama, to use his own telling words. 

Obama's Existential and Fiscal Treason against America, Again

We now, with Obama's intentional neglect, share more in common with Israel than you would like to believe: existential vulnerability. Obama's plan: keep it quiet. "What the American people don't know will hurt them, badly, but maybe I can get re-elected if enough of them just don't know." Since day one in office. Know that the automatic cuts from this irresponsible and intentional neglect are in our National Defense, which was gullibility defined by Republicans to ever go along with in the language. But this isn't "on them" as they are not the ones with the intention to cause harm to America. Obama is. Nonetheless, Republicans should have known who they were dealing with: an entirely self-absorbed dictator. This creature Obama belongs in jail. Let's put him there!

Contact your U.S. Representative and Senators and tell them, "Enough of this 'Trickle-Down' Lawlessness from Obama: immediate impeachment proceedings are your order of the day. Grow a pair and get on it!"

Friday, September 7, 2012

Carbon is Good (Thank You, Neil Armstrong)

A high-modulas graphite fly rod, a product of pre-muslim outreach NASA research, responding nicely to a large redfish's long run. It's made of chains of Carbon (C on your atomic chart) atoms forming a matrix and a resin of a petrochemical base which is also of Carbon. The fish and I are "Organic," which means we are made up of Carbon. We eat and breathe Carbon, too.  Don't let anybody tax Carbon in its gaseous state, 'cause they already tax it in its solid and liquid states, too: coal, diamonds, fly rod graphite, oil and her products. All of the earth, they are given us by God for our responsible use. Stop taxing the earth and her products. Stop taxing God. Cap and Trade your punishing nature, Mr. President, and stay away from my fly rods, which are Taxed Enough Already. Word. Out.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Obama Coldly Dishonors Seals, all Americans

Here's a picture of the form letter President Obama sent to families of the 17 Navy Seals killed when their  CH-47 twin rotor Chinook helicopter was shot down by Taliban, not long after many of these same fallen men had been on the mission that took out U(O)sama bin Laden that Obama himself gloats over on a daily basis. Thirty servicemen died in that attack. Some gratitude, huh?  Tell us how you really feel, Barack. As the nephew of two United States Navy Ship's Captains and one Boatswain, all who were in combat at sea, I am horrified by this callous detachment from--indeed, this cold rejection of--what is truly noble.

it's a form letter with auto-generated signature.

Hellboy Crab

Here're some Fiddler crabs that modeled patiently for my previously pictured fly pattern. I take an impressionistic approach rather than one of realistic, cloning immitation. I suggest shape, color and motion to the fish, who usually respond instinctively and immediatly. But they can be elitist critics at times, and reject the artist entirely.  
You can left-mouse "click" to enlarge the photo and see the purply-green hues of these high-calorie redfish treats. And, hey: they got CLAWS! 

Methamphetamine for the Elderly Vote

"Here's something you'll like, to help you out," says Obama and the Democrat Party.

"You'll surely vote to keep this hit coming, won't you?" the soft voice says. "You're good for maybe one or two more voting cycles, right?" You look down and nod your head.
     Oh, in case you missed it, Obama took 716 BILLION DOLLARS from your Medicare to fund Obamacare. Why? So that his panel of 15 bureaucrats can deny YOU care and give it to younger, more "productive" folks whose votes they need to secure, also. Get it now?

But you'll vote democrat because they give you a little hit, they believe. Until they get you in "their" office and deny you that pacemaker, that hip replacement, that critical care. "We got your vote already, so why should we help you? We got more voters to pander to, to tempt with a little sugar," the devil who smiles says, as you disappear, having served your purpose.
Here's one way they get the young to vote for them:

This is today in the United States. A little weakness, a little humanity and vulnerability and you are OWNED. You are entirely under government control and you will be quiet.

Will you?

For freedom Christ has set us free; stand fast therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery
--Galatians 5:1
I am free. 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Justifiers of Murder, Covetousness, Envy, Theft, Sloth and Lying: the Democrat Platform, 2012

I saw Satan fall like lightning from Heaven
--Jesus Christ; Luke 10:18

     And he's been here ever since, the Father of Lies (John 8:44).
     As a man, carnal and of the flesh, a sinner saved only through the grace of God through acknowledging and openly honoring his greatest sacrifice on my account in Jesus Christ, the Light created on the First Day before the sun, moon and celestial bodies were created (Genesis 1.), I recognize the works of the devil, of the fallen angel (not equal in power with God, but a fallen server) who formerly controlled me, so, here are steps he takes to justify himself in the hearts and minds of men and women:

1.) Remove God, who had him cast out of Heaven.
2.) Justify the killing of innocents as "choice"
This, including late term, 8th and 9th month killings of the baby. This, from the president who, as a Senator, fought alone to defend the infanticide of a baby who had the audacity to survive an abortion:
Not to mention the murdered Christians and Jews of the "Arab Spring" he and democrats endorse and promote.
3.) Stoke the "populist" fires of envy and covetousness, and support--no, demand  "redistribution of wealth" i.e., theft of property from rightful owners through punitive taxation and "redistribuiting" it through "entitlements":
"You didn't build that. Someone else made that happen," he says. Pointing an accusatory finger.
"Corporate jets. Corporate jets...spread the wealth around," he says. That finger again waves.

4.) And lie. To use his words, "make no mistake": everyone in today's democrat party will tell you exactly what they think you want to hear, to get your vote. Here are some examples of lies by a democrat:

A water moccasin/cottonmouth pit viper I happened upon crossin' the road in the Park while going fly fishing for "me reds". I was headed west. He was headed east. Looks like he made it all the way to Washington, D.C.

We Americans are bigger than all the above deceit for power, which is immediatly and heavily lorded over us.

Do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that you may prove (know) what is the will of God, what is (the) good and acceptable and perfect (will of God)
--Romans 12:2
There is but one way I have found to do the above, to renew the mind: read the Word of God. It is defense against all lies.
Be open to truth, receive it, and the lies will be clear. And know that those who proclaim to have an open mind are often merely "open" to every form of deceit and evil, and closed to the very Truth that can save them. So they spite it when they could embrace it, instead..

For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own likings, and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander into myths.
--II Timothy 4:3,4
I'm not worthy, but in acknowledging my unworthiness through Christ's--the Light's--worthiness and His sacrifice for me I am washed and made worthy before God, who is Spirit. And so He works in me, slowly transforming me into His own image. He's got a "long road to hoe," in me.
The Blood He shed, the Water of His baptism, and the Holy Spirit of God that rest upon him are three witnesses to Christ (who is the Truth, a Holy Vaccine against all the deceit which I've listed and more that we're pounded with daily), and these three witnesses agree--I John 5:8.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

That a Man lay down his Life for his Friends

Read this and you'll know what more and more Americans are finally figuring out, much too late....

Corporal Joey Logan, U.S.M.C.

A Marine, a loving family, a loving local Texas community and a disrespectful, dishonorable Commander in Chief who should never have been elected to office, who should be immediatly impeached and removed from office.
I am so very sorry for your loss, Mr. and Mrs. Logan, so sorry for you, your family and friends, and our country. I would have been honored, and humbled, to meet your son here on earth.

Food Stamp Fascism

Sad and unnecesessary state of affairs--unless one believes getting masses of people addicted to taxpayers' earned, then confiscated and "redistributed" money is necessary for getting re-elected. And there's your answer. There's your fascistic control. There's your evil.

Pigs of the World: The Warthog Boar

My baby brother David Langdon Doggett, Esquire, is the one holding the rifle, a Winchester in 30-06.  Details are just coming in, but the word on the hunt is solid and,  yes, there are definitely piggies in South Africa. They are, well, much uglier over there, too, than are our Texas piggies from Euro-Russian stock. Our piggies are downright handsome, come to think of it.

Communist Cookie Monster

Control freakism's on display daily with the Obamas. It is simply evil.

I will not post a picture of this terrible woman.
Get out of my kitchen, Mrs. Obama!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Zippo !!!

My Zippo and Zippo holster on my balcony. Courtesy R.J. Reynolds via Bradford, Pennsylvania, circa 1992. Though emblazoned with a camel make no mistake: this stuff is very American. The smoking candle is.....LIT! 

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Saturday, September 1, 2012

McNaughton Interactive Art: "Obamanation". Genius!

Jon McNaughton, you are a genius!
This work is interactive and FUN (Pain can be fun? Only in hindsight!).
Check it out, here:

here's a still image:

Obama drops charges against Sheriff Joe

     Whether you subscribe to the"birther" conundrum or not it is nontheless interesting when an aggressive political prosecuter of "enemies" suddenly backs off a skeptic who is in the public domain.The current DOJ (Obama/Holder aka "Fast and Furious Drug Cartel Gun Providers") suddenly and quietly dropped all charges against Sheriff Joe Arpaio who has been searching for irrefutable confirmation of Obama's legitimate place of birth, whether here in America or in Africa or elsewhere, after a rather suspicious certificate was presented to the American people by the president only after much urging.
     They do this kind of "drop" on Fridays or big weekends or holidays as the citizenry is occupied with getting away from the oppression they feel during the week due to meeting excessive government regulatory demands.
   And this, from the president's men, his controlled media outlet, NBC "News". Interesting....