Sunday, September 16, 2012

Your Kinder, Gentler Adolf Hitler: Barack Hussein Obama

                    First, I've got to say, "Hey, thanks, Democrats! Good job!"
     September 15, 2012, "anti-islam" filmaker whisked away in the middle of the night--the "red herring" personified, thrown to the wolves to take the heat for Barack Obama's negligence that led to the deaths of American Foreign Service patriots in Libya. Free speech "suppressed". Gagged and bound. Imprisoned, actually. But there have been many First Amendment violations by this president. Each should have resulted in his removal from office.
     Gee, it was September 11th--that couldn't have had anything to do with Muslims attacking Americans.  Here's a tid-bit from the AP (Administration Press) that confirms they and the whole media were propagating propaganda and therefore, in effect, complicit in the sad video-maker scapegoat scheme to cover up Obama's lies and disasterous policy of outright submission to Islam:
Oh, really? So carting off the scapegoat red herring was just for fun. Nice! Too stupid to even realize you're exposing your own false reporting to cover for Obama, AP.  Here's an earlier AP story in which the video sap took the fall for Obama and was first questioned, then released before being denied bail for a "parole violation" and thus held: .  AP having consumed the tasty red herring bait.
An earlier warning:

This, in President Obama's first year, is what began the silencing of American voices:

     Could it have had any other intention? No. Some folks on the left of the spectrum thought it was pretty cool, pretty funny. Well, the people pictured below all had, at some point, support from twenty to thirty or so percent of the populace, also. They have to get their goons from someplace. Helps to remember that some things don't change, right? So, our goons will come from the rabid Obama supporter populace, if we let them "blossom" full-flower into what they are: Satanic, atavistic murderers in waiting.

     Being that I am "very direct," as my best friend and people who know me point out, this....little reflection of Josef Goebbell's Third Reich Technique of Blitzkrieg Suppression, suddenly revealed to the American People, demarks specifically when I became absolutely unhinged and leaped into battle against this occupant of our White House. The Reverend Wright hadn't spooked the people so expectations were, unfortunately, low.
     I lost Facebook "friends" en masse to the "delete" and "unfriend" functions over my bug-eyed fighting against this dictator.
     Now, Obama's gone and whisked away some random web filmmaker in the middle of the night who he's made into a classic RED HERRING in order to deflect attention away from his irresponsible foreign policy ineptitude that's resulted in dead Americans, and people are both surprised and outraged at a free speech infraction. Of course someone has to "pay" and give cover to Barack, so, here's the administration scapegoating another convenient member for Obama's "great inept": 
      Believe me, this is mere par for Barack's course at our expense (fore!). Alas, welcome to the fight, you who are finally disgusted and feeling a little over-the-top. And take note from a veteran fascist-fighter:
     Never threaten anybody, anywhere, anytime.  All such pilgrims, including children, have promptly been interviewed by Obama's Secret Service, no matter how blatantly misconstrued the comment may have been. Remember the UFC fighter/chiropracter? Silenced!
The middle-school child visited by the Secret Service because of what he wrote on Facebook about a picture of Obama he saw and then simply posted his conclusion of concern for the president's safety? Silenced!
     The more public the comment, the more public the attention garnered. A threat is a threat, so don't do it, even though this man Obama has threatened US already (see link above).
     The truth revealed is what dictators fear.
     But when it's really, really badtyrants do not even care when the truth of their evil is "out" for all to see. Which is when they go and do things like whisk people off in the middle of the night.

Oh--"Adolf Hitler, that's a strong statement as he was a murderer." Yes, I know. So is Barack Obama: $600-900 million in U.S. taxpayer dollars every year (doubt we'll ever know how much as it's sordid information)  to pay for abortions here in America and around the world under the Mexico City Rules which Obama activated on his first day in office. This is $400 million on top of the $500 million/annually to Planned Parenthood, which uses 95% (documented) of our dollars to abort fetuses :,8599,1873794,00.html
That's a lot of dead innocent babies, including partial-birth murdered, i.e. "living, born" babies.
     Especially when you add that number of dead to the dead Mexican Nationals and Americans from the Fast and Furious debacle where Obama and Holder gave guns to drug cartels in their scheme to undercut our Second Amendment and confiscate guns from law-abiding citizens, unlike themselves. And then there are the dead in Libya. How many more dead are there that we do not know about, voices silenced, their mouths filled with dirt, all to protect a sitting president from his corrupted, malevolent policies against the American People, and his incompetence. You vote for this guy?
You shall not join hands with a wicked man
--the Lord God, in Exodus 23:1. not slay the innocent and righteous, for I will not acquit the wicked.
--the Lord God, in Exodus 23: 7.
So why do I always write this kind of terrible reality imposed upon us by selfish idiots who vote thusly?
Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them
--Ephesians 5:11

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