Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Media: The Bought Whores of Satan

Just really liked that title of mine so went with it. Here's some backing, as if we needed any:

Bozell seems a good bloke.
Hey, for a little levity: Look at these alleged Iranian "pilot" blokes in high-tech, top secret, "eyes only" training photo leaked by one "Viper Pilot". Thank you, Colonel H., and I look forward to your new book! I'll post a link and review!

         Be afwaid. Be very afwaid! (photo courtesy Col. Dan Hampton, Viper Pilot).
Possibly the only legitimate concern is that even utter morons can get lucky if all they've gotta' do is push a button someone else built that's attached to a decent launchable missle someone else built, at precisely the exact, blind-luck moment that only certain "touched" idiots seem to magically possess.

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