Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mosquito's Buzz Terrifies Fascists!

I'll be field testing this twin-Merlin powered craft of Hitler's lament soon!
I'll post photos of the noble bird BEFORE I no doubt crash her. You see, sometimes a man must bite off the big piece of steak while it's there for him and worry about the consequences later! I AM NOT QUALIFIED TO FLY A TWIN ! Did that stop Thomas Edison from inventing the lightbulb? NO!
I'll have Mosquito #2 standing by after the carnage of learning

History Lesson:
Lord Basil Embry of Two Group, Bomber Command, RAF, flew in at tree-top height, at 400 mph, over occupied Copenhagen in March, 1945 and precision bombed Gestapo Headquarters in this craft.There were Partisans being interrogated in the building but Lord Embry had been given diagrams of it and placed the bombs like fine crystal all around them, but not harming them!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Water Spout Loitering

"Click" it to enlarge it. You can "click" the image twice to fill your screen and see the funnel cloud impact, center, and its snaking cone coming from the clouds on the upper right.
     This guy hung and whirled around me for thirty solid minutes, waxing, waning, strengthening, focusing and meandering close. Near me, I could see the bay cove's submerged sea grass uprooted by it whirling up into the air at its focal point on the water. There was no sound. They happen all the time in summer and especially at the margins of fall. I caught many redfish that day on crab flies, and let 'em go. They'd had a whirly day, too!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Redfish at Night, Wo-Ho !

The easiest introduction to saltwater fly casting with the most reel-screaming reward is the fabulous American Red, White and Blue-tipped-Tailed Redfish, Sciaenops ocelatus, AT NIGHT.
The fishing grounds:

Submerged lights on the Bay to draw phytoplankton, zooplankton and the rest of the foodchain, including.....

The reward, a 24" redfish. The fish was released so that I can catch him again tomorrow night, if I wish, and if he obliges me again. The way he attacked the fly tonight I have no doubt he will. He socked the fly so hard it was like I had rolled a rum bottle down a jail cell floor on a weekend night, as my beloved FFF Certifier, Lefty Kreh, likes to say.
     A seven weight with a matching Scientific Angler's Bonefish Taper Sinking Mastery fly line is the line of choice for this game. It is CLEAR and can cast all the way across the canal if I want it to. A red will eat most anything, but if they are keying on shrimp, throw a shrimp imitation, or if baitfish, throw a small Deceiver or Clouser. They're not too particular. Unlike the TROUT, Cynoscion nebulosus, which are notorious selective feeders at times of concentrated, specific prey availability.
    Importantly, do not flail at the water; make a quiet presentation and rest the water if you don't hook-up after one or two shots, or you'll put them down for the count--especially redfish, which flee like Wisconsin Democrat Senators flee from duty to the will of the People.