Monday, June 27, 2011

Redfish are GOOD Pinkos

.....That means they are not of the communist variety of "pinko", that fitting label that indicates the oftentimes hidden state of "redness" (communism relies on deceipt in its leaders, as does all evil) from the heady days of the Cold War, when the communist pinko was acknowledged as the enemy to all Liberty which he indeed is!
But back to angling, while we STILL can do it:
Okay, here's what you'll see through a non-tinted lens:
 You should be able to "double click" with your left mouse button to enlarge the photo.
This is the color a redfish acquires once he's over a sandy, white bottom as in the photo. The chromatophores, specialized variable pigmentary cells in his scales, can change color--how quickly is something to observe--to fit their surroundings to some extent, i.e., what is "red" cannot turn to "green", but it can certainly, as observed, turn to pink. They can also take on a copper or brass hue that helps hide them when they're swimming over green and green-brown submerged sea grasses. Oh, look at that electric blue neon tail! Now, the big question: does this color change happen autonomically, by change in state, or does the fish have some say in the matter? I think not, but only the fish and God know the whole truth here.
A Libertarian observation: These redfish are the only good pinkos on the planet, true Fish of Free Enterprise!
Release them to taunt the communists, who wish to imprison them and everything else on earth,  unless you are REALLY HUNGRY and have to eat them--you've put out the effort and earned them afterall!
Note: I pray I do not HAVE to kill a redfish, a friend of mine, in order to survive through this present administration that attacks a man's ability to provide unless he's a Wall Street Liberal getting reciprocal payback or a G.E. Chief Executive taking massive subsidies for worthless "green energy" that, well, doesn't quite work out just yet, hits the environment with doses of lead (batteries) and mercury (curly-cue lightbulbs),  but let's not pay any attention to THAT FACT and play pretend while they get rich off the Nation's suffering.
     On to the fishing again, while some of us pray for an expedited trip to the Lake of Fire for these fascists (that's Government CONTROL of "private" industry, for a definition--see G.M., all energy companies, the health industry, etc..) . Yup, the present administration is fascistic by definition. As are those who support him, too, by complicity.  Is that what you wish to be? That's what you ARE, if you support the present democrat party agenda of control and death of (only, it seems) innocents.
If so, please, for your own self, repent (turn away)! Our time is nigh (thank God)!
Happy Angling and Liberty through Christ Jesus! 
Off the Lectern and on to flying and fishing!

                                  Freed through the blood of Christ Jesus, do not submit to a yoke of slavery again
                                       --Paul of Tarsus, the last Apostle and Servant of Christ

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Servos: To Lubricate or to Kill by Rust

"Do not lubricate servos," a small print reads in a back water place inside my Spektrum DX6i owner's manual.
Here on the Gulf Coast where salt in the air oxidizes aluminum and maybe plastic it's so heavy, this is not really an option. So, do you lubricate your servos and, if so, what do you use?
I use a tiny drop of LPS-1 on my tiny ParkZone micro servos, applied with a Q-tip right at the shaft insertion. I also hit the little rail inside the track with it. I have not had a failure, or a fire, yet.