Friday, August 31, 2012

Evil's Quiet Hypocrisy

The nation did not hear the end of  media-driven condemnation of a president in 2005 when democrat-run New Orleans was inundated by Katrina, local incompetence and her own corruption. Where is the condemnation for media-hidden, TRUE callousness today? Those complicit in evil do not condemn evil.

When Texas was crushed by Hurricane Ike, we were ignored because we are a Conservative, "red" state, although we are an AMERICAN state also. We did not cry, did not demand national attention and a taxpayer bailout--unlike New Orleans, a corrupted Democrat bastion for a half-century. We rebuilt ourselves with our own private insurance, helped our neighbors, and did not have a nationally-televised temper-tantrum. The intentional media silence of our suffering, immediate reconstruction, our production and prevailing over adversity was deafening--and telling.

We Americans Own This Country


Cllint Eastwood is right: we citizens own this country. Our politicians are our employees, and not our DICTATORS. Strong-armed government control of private industry IS fascism. It is the old demon of a centralized power controlling every aspect of the peoples' lives. A bureaucrat will not help your physical and mental health. He will dictate the most "efficient" (read: cheap) means of dealing with "problem with citizen unit #66655666". Obama is, by definition, a FASCIST. These radicals always end up killing people en masse, as they do not view them as people, but as objects, some of which make noise and interfere. Stalin, MaO, Paul Pott and yes, Hitler, who used the populist rallying draw of NAtional soZIalism (NAZI) to rise to power, from the LEFT. Sound familiar? If so, congratulations! You've been paying attention! If not, read up on fascism and communism, both methods of controlling a populace while confiscating their assets.
"But he's nothing like Mussolini or Hitler, not really, no."
Hitler loved Germany.
Mussolini loved Italy.

Defend Israel from Obama

Obama has abandoned our Holy Land, the land of Christ Jesus born of Judah, Israel, Isaac and Abraham, and left her vulnerable to her Islamic neighbors who are blinded by centuries of murderous hate, envy and covetousness. What a disgrace to America, and a disgrace before the face of our Lord God.
Stand strong B.B.!!! You and Israel have our support and we will defend you.

Silencing our Free Speech

Fear of any criticism, any truth being made available to the people, motivates President Obama to seek High Court overturn of funded free speech. A sitting president seeks to silence opposition by intimidating financial donors with  retribution. His speech is protected while ours is, well, not so much.