Friday, August 31, 2012

Evil's Quiet Hypocrisy

The nation did not hear the end of  media-driven condemnation of a president in 2005 when democrat-run New Orleans was inundated by Katrina, local incompetence and her own corruption. Where is the condemnation for media-hidden, TRUE callousness today? Those complicit in evil do not condemn evil.

When Texas was crushed by Hurricane Ike, we were ignored because we are a Conservative, "red" state, although we are an AMERICAN state also. We did not cry, did not demand national attention and a taxpayer bailout--unlike New Orleans, a corrupted Democrat bastion for a half-century. We rebuilt ourselves with our own private insurance, helped our neighbors, and did not have a nationally-televised temper-tantrum. The intentional media silence of our suffering, immediate reconstruction, our production and prevailing over adversity was deafening--and telling.

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