Friday, September 7, 2012

Carbon is Good (Thank You, Neil Armstrong)

A high-modulas graphite fly rod, a product of pre-muslim outreach NASA research, responding nicely to a large redfish's long run. It's made of chains of Carbon (C on your atomic chart) atoms forming a matrix and a resin of a petrochemical base which is also of Carbon. The fish and I are "Organic," which means we are made up of Carbon. We eat and breathe Carbon, too.  Don't let anybody tax Carbon in its gaseous state, 'cause they already tax it in its solid and liquid states, too: coal, diamonds, fly rod graphite, oil and her products. All of the earth, they are given us by God for our responsible use. Stop taxing the earth and her products. Stop taxing God. Cap and Trade your punishing nature, Mr. President, and stay away from my fly rods, which are Taxed Enough Already. Word. Out.

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