Sunday, September 30, 2012

Los Muertos Silencios del Sur

Comienza con Obama en 2009......
(It begins with Obama in 2009.....)

So no one can blame George Walker Bush for Barack Obama and Eric Holder, Attorney General, crimes. Though both criminals have already tried to by magically moving the date of  their owned (gotcha) program back in time. But not even "The One" can time-travel to manipulate things to his advantage--not just yet. He certainly can get many, many people killed, however.
     This is the kind of covered-up massacre that happens when so-called "leaders" view human beings as "voting blocks" and not as humans.
     So you think you've got the Ol' Hispanic Voting Block all sealed up, Mr. Obama? You should not have given guns to drug cartels to promote violence and murder, in your malevolent effort to undercut the American 2nd Amendment and take law-abiding citizens' guns away, as that in itself is fundamentally and morally wrong; and yet, you didn't stop to think that the consequential murder of hundreds of human beings was also morally bankrupt?  What did you think would happen???? You did not care. How do I speak with such certainty? Obama must have wanted mayhem because, if his motive were anything different, remotely benign even, to keep track of these weapons, then he would have had a tracking device, a tiny GPS chip, placed into each firearm he gave to the drug dealers. But he did not. He just gave a bunch of automatic weapons and grenades and stuff to a bunch of drug dealers, "Here ya go.". Thus, mayhem was the agenda, followed by a sudden crack-down on U.S. gun sales and further restrictions/confiscations on outstanding firearms. You cannot make this kind of darkness up.
Congratulations y Gracias, Unavision!  Y tambien, lo siento. Lo siento mucho.

Here's a short version:

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