Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Test (Not the River)

....for they loved the praise of men more than the praise of God
--John 12:43.

So every one who acknowledges me before men, I also will acknowledge before my Father who is in heaven; but whoever denies me before men, I also will deny before my Father who is in heaven
--Matthew 10:32.

     Note Jesus says, "before men," and not "the brethren" or "the church"; for why would one declare his own head--Christ--to his own body--the Church? Where is the glory given Christ and his Father in that?
     I acknowledge Christ before men outside the Church. Many rebuke and deny him, right there. I give the glory to him who saved me, rather than to men or, say, institutions, who seek credit and praise to build themselves up. I do it at most every opportunity. The response--silence or reviling--is proof irrefutable that the Bible is out of school and the public square, and the oft vomited hate reveals what IS in school and the square; also shown is that satan indeed controls a lot of men, and that many are simply bigoted against Christ and truth because, every time,  they have not read and studied the Gospel and Epistles. Yet astonishingly to me this irrational hate and denial is to varying extents unbeknownst to them all. Some claim it is being "imposed" upon them when they simply hear it, the go-to mode of being offended at hearing the truth. Truth is not imposed, however; it is revealed. All are free to deny it. So many recoil in reaction to what they do not understand. Some who indeed know better are simply afraid of rejection by the multitude (been there) and cannot overcome their fear, and instead falsely justify it to themselves, and each other. And then there are those who spite the hand that feeds them, that saves them. They consciously know the truth and hate it because it is true and they are not.  This can be toxic: when this willing denial gives birth to action and manifests, it becomes "evil" in that it seeks to  STOP and silence truth. And this evil actualized in men is not necessarily self-aware to them as "evil", but often as a "normal response" to something offensive to their corrupted sensibilities. For example, look at Barack: he thinks he's great, and actually calls himself a "Christian"--but of course he says lots of things that are simply not true. Christ is for all of mankind that are called, all individually as unique through him and God, and not as a collective group. But that's what Barack has claimed to the world, in fact, with his Black Liberation Theology. He's wrong. That is communism which denies the unique humanity of each human and reduces us to a depersonalized collective, none of us with a unique spirit and soul. This is the classic desensitization that, historically, has made it  easier for  corrupted men to justify the stealing from and killing of other individuals for the "betterment of the collective". That's the truth.  It is corruption, perversion of the Gospel for political power of its power-hungry leaders, used to feed grudges and foment hate. So Barack attacks the actual Church, the Church of the one true Christ and God that follows the true Gospel, and imposes strict controls over it. Specifically, with Obamacare forcing us to pay for abortifactants that kill viable fetuses, and that's just the beginning of things that have already been revealed before full implementation of bad law. It is merely the tip of the dark iceberg of totalitarianism. .  
   But, alas, as individuals we do not have to fail the "truth" test. I want to help you. Here in America, if you believe and yet are afraid to speak the truth, say just that: "I wish to declare that this freedom we have is of Christ, that it is because of his work in me and my belief in him; but I am shunned and blacklisted, ignored, if I do and so I am afraid to do it. Nonetheless, I declare it: Jesus Christ said, 'thy will, Father, not mine, be done' and everything else that liberates men. He is real; he healed me and I am proof. He is God incarnate who came to earth and laid down his life, and was raised on the third day from the dead and ascended into Heaven, that those who acknowledge him will also be acknowledged by him and be with him and the Father, as the Father honors those who honor his greatest sacrifice on their account, his Son."
     And now you will be really free, and not a prisoner of the world and of men. If not in America, you might be stoned in the Biblical sense so take warning. That may happen here, soon, if we do not return to our Constitution and God, who's in it as its very foundation.
     So, be civilized for a "change". Do not be ashamed of the truth.

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