Saturday, September 8, 2012

KGB endorses Obama!

I do wonder if the media will report this glowing endorsement from former Kommitet General Bureau Chief Vladimir Putin:
I doubt it,  as even those who believe in state thuggery lorded over us citizens (the media) know this is very bad. Mr. Putin is looking forward to "More flexibility after the election," as President Obama promised him through Russian President Medvedev in the open-mic incident the same media tried their best to cover up. What does this mean:  ask a Hungarian, a Pole, a Czech, an American serviceman who survived the Cold War, like my father, or maybe yours or your grandad. It was "A war with no battles--only casualties," said vaunted Captain Rameus in Tom Clancy's masterpiece, The Hunt for Red October . American steadfast strength defeated this old enemy, even made it a somewhat unstable ally; it freed millions from Soviet communist Warsaw Pact oppression. Weakness will allow the surviving vestiges of the old enemy to awaken from deep sleep, and potentially "put those shackles back on" our newly liberated Eastern European allies, to quote Joe Biden (sigh) gratefully out of context, and in actual truth. At the very least.
    Know the Red October is already in place, in the Oval Office. Mr. Putin, KGB, has just told us so.

We must put him out.

And to those who think Soviet Russia was never our enemy nor has the potential to be such again, know that over the skies of Korea that Russian--yes, Russian--pilots shot down American aircraft. How many? Twenty One Russian pilots claimed "ace" status with American downed aircraft (five makes an "ace"), including huge B-29s with crews of ten. That makes hundreds upon hundreds of  American airmen killed, wounded and imprisoned by real Russian bullets and cannon shells by real Russian pilots.  A KGB man like Vladimir Putin does not need to be given "more flexibility" by a man blinded to true, actual history like Obama, to use his own telling words. 

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