Saturday, September 15, 2012

Perhaps I've Been Overly Judgmental of Barack

Do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgment
--Jesus, in Matthew 7:24

     I remember reading in a fly fishing magazine I used to subscribe to about Barack Obama, in the summer of his first year in office, fly fishing with a guide on the Gallatin River near some of my favorite water.
                                       White House Staff Photo by Souza

     I thought, "If he fly fishes, and it changes him like it changed me, maybe he won't jam bureaucrat-controlled healthcare down our throats with his controlled congress and won't diss Israel and Britain and our Troops so much; maybe he can get his wife's mitts off my entire dietary menu and grocery store contents;  maybe he can stay away from indoctrinating America's children into worshipping government and himself through his Pol Pott-like NEAU controlled schools; maybe he won't suppress free speech and threaten the American people with things like, "report fishy emails, letters, etc..., about healthcare reform and the president to such-and-such", an honest-to-God, official White House Gestapo snitch-site ; maybe he won't shut down energy production with falsified documentation and then defy judges' orders to back off in attempts to force "green" energy upon America at great expense when the technology isn't viable yet; maybe he won't defy the Word of God and invoke His wrath in rebukes of Israel's sovereign territory, proven in the oldest property deed in human history (Genesis 23:3-18); maybe he won't literally force Christian institutions to violate the Faith by paying for abortifactant drugs (Ex. 23:7 and elsewhere) as just a taste of what's forthcoming in Stalinesque, godless Obamacare; okay, that's enough for one article."
     I reflect on that today and do wish President Barack Obama had spent more time with his guide, more time fly fishing, knowing that this would indeed have changed him. It still can. No man is beyond redemption, if he repents, if he confesses with his lips that Jesus is the Christ, the Messiah come to earth to suffer for those who believe and to die for them, that he indeed gave his life of his own accord for us--the Jews and Romans did not kill him, but he lay his life down of his own accord (John 10:17-19)--and then was raised back from the dead on the third day, the first reborn of the dead, and fourty days later that he ascended into heaven where he is to this day, at the right hand of God the Father, and that in believing this in our hearts and speaking it with our lips and not being ashamed of it before men, we will live with the Father and the Son in heaven for ever.
     I know that I can help Barack. I have been, afterall, a nationally certified fly casting instructor with the Federation of Fly Fishers (now it's "international" F.F.F., so I guess I'm global now) for nineteen glorious years. Looking at that picture above, I can see that you've formed a pretty good back-cast oop, Mr. President, but that it is too downwardly-directed which will result in an upwardly-directed forward cast if you hit that part of the cast, the forecast, correctly, which would open everything up and unroll the cast way up high in the air from whence it will collapse down onto the water in a heap. But you did form a good back-cast loop, Mr. President.  Just hit it a heartbeat earlier to keep it above the water, relax, then come forward smoothly with a firm wrist always and then accelerate to a stop like you were trying to throw a tomato off a fork, aimed parallel with the water, with the stop aimed just above where you want the fly to go, and you'll do fine. Do that same thing on the back-cast, parallel with the water, maybe aimed up a touch. Good. The fish won't know where that fly came from, it'll look perfect.
     Everything's better now, knowing the president's on the river casting with the fly rod, catching and releasing noble trout, far away from the Oval Office.

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