Monday, March 7, 2011

March, 1945: Mosquitos Blitz Nazis

The noose was tightening around the Wehrmacht's neck.
     Lord Basil Embry, Two Group, Bomber Command, and a number of Mosquitos sped at tree top level over Nazi-Occupied Copenhagen, Denmark and at 400 mph approached Gestapo Headquarters, where partisan freedom fighters were being brutally "interrogated". The Mossys dropped their small bombs with such precision that not a single partisan was even injured, while the Nazi facilities and many Nazis were destroyed.
You can read about this, and Spitfires and Hurricanes and the men who flew and maintained them, in Group Captain Johnnie Johnson's Wing Leader, a great read! The historical insight gained is worth its weight in gold, at today's prices! 

For the record I must issue a correction to the marketing of this book: Johnnie Johnson, with 38 accredited enemy single-seat, single-engine fighter planes downed, is NOT the leading allied ace. He was the leading SURVIVING ace after the war.
The true, official leader was Richard Bong, U.S.A.A.F., who flew a P-38 over the Pacific and wreaked Japanese havoc: 40 Imperialist planes were downed by Major Bong before he was sent back home, where he was killed in an F-80 jet plane crash. Godspeed, Major Dick Bong!!!! And thank you and your brethren for our Liberty!!!!
Here's more on Major Bong:

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