Friday, January 28, 2011

A Great 4-Channel "Trainer"

This little ParkZone T-28 Ultra Micro just won my heart yesterday! She flew straight out of the box on my DX6i with very little trimming. She was faster than expected, too. I even landed her--sort of! And, there was a 10-12 mph wind that varied in direction somewhat. Such a wind would have folded my little Mustang.

After a few training flights on the Ember 2, the jump to the T-28 UM is a logical move. Available at Horizon Hobby and elsewhere, for speed.
Good Flying!

Note: per the T-28 manual for first flights, I've cut the Dual Rate for all surface controls down to 70% on my DX6i, for a 30% reduction in input to the control surfaces. This cuts down on sudden, exaggerated responses until a pilot is READY for them!

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