Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Fish of Dreams

     As much as I love this new life venture of flying miniature versions of what I once briefly flew, I still have vivid dreams of fish. This one, here above, popped into my sleep last night. "Click" him to magnify his grace, and see. He's a Blackie, a black drum, Pogonias cromis. I know he looks whitish, but that's because he's so HUGE, around fifty pounds or so. When they're babies, they have black stripes, hence the name "black drum". I threw a purple and creme Merkin crab fly I'd tied up for reds at him, and he would have nothing to do with it. I had not lead him enough as he was cruising and, with his eyes facing forward rather than looking down as when feeding, he probably saw my leader and the game was up.

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