Thursday, December 15, 2011

Super-Cub: Disinfecting the Disinfranchised

     Hey, all real Americans feel "disinfranchised" with a class-warfaring, Country Club Marxist (courtesy, Mark Levin, Esquire) in the White House poking 'em in the eye every single day with insults and divisiveness, and especially with smooth moves like giving jet-powered "Drones" to "Radical" Islamic (that means double-radical, really) states for them to play with and anylize so they can whack our boys out of the air if we have to actually defend ourselves from them soon. Thanks for that "Muslim Outreach", Barack, you malicious dolt. Guess that official mission of N.A.S.A. has expanded in application.
     Now we Radio Control flyers know that the "drone" is an "RPV", a Remotely Piloted Vehicle. Dummies call 'em "drones". Behind that lovely machine is a fully-trained pilot, and in this case, a JET pilot.  The pilot of the lost bird must feel terrible at losing contact with her. Especially when he tried to blow her up and she wouldn't oblige him. Hhhmm. Now, surely President Obama didn't just want to GIVE the Iranians our latest avionics/offense/defense/technical wizzardry? Well, that sure would be "muslim outreach", wouldn't it? Just like he officially demands of N.A.S.A., while cancelling the Shuttle without developing a replacement/improvement mode of transit for our astronauts.

     But we are not completely powerless!
I took a mission for some 'bidness owners in NYC recently to help them clean up the air around Wall Street:
    Yes, that's my Horizon Hobby Super Cub BNF and that's a BIG can of Lysol disinfectant strapped securely on her wing.
     So, I made a run and made a patch of "clean" over the Street and, bringing her safely home for a  refill of Lysol, I knew my disinfecting days were over:  her lovely white and blue surfaces were drenched in human urine and feces. My, I didn't know they could throw it so high! Oh, those lovely, sensitive "protestors", TIME magazine's "person of the year". Lovely. I take a different approach: I inform myself and vote responsibly, and support candidates who uphold the Constitution and do not wish to oppress and control us, we "free" citizens.
Though she still flew just fine (what a field test!), nonetheless for safety purposes I was forced to burn my Super Cub immediatly upon return with Napalm.
May she rest in peace, and may the Lord bless the United States of America.

                   Freed through Christ Jesus, do not submit to a yoke of slavery again
Amen, my brother in Christ. I will not submit.

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