Thursday, October 11, 2012

They Can be Forgiven, Too

     I bear no ill will towards those who recognize the terrible mistake they made in voting for Obama and had no idea of the evil he would commit in office. Most of them did, however, as his political dedication to infanticide was known (as Illinois Senator he was the sole supporter of denying a born fetus life-giving care) as was his Marxist collectivism (Black Liberation Theology was exposed as the heretical bastardized apostasy it is for all to see, it is but evil communism corruptly coupled to the Gospel of Truth for political ends--Sean Hannity especially was reviled for his steadfast revelation of this simple truth. Here's a story on BLT: ).  I do bear ill will towards those who voted for Obama in full knowledge of his infanticidal, anti-semitic and liberty-crushing designs, and imposed them upon not just my loved ones but the nation and indeed the entire world. .
     If they desire to make things right--not with me but with themselves, God, and the rest of humanity-- the enablers of evil can: Repent : "turn away from sin and return to God".
      If you've never turned to God in the first place, you can do that, too. I did. It worked, and I would not deny you what is not mine to give in the first place, but God's. Don't let anyone deny you what is yours--a relationship with your Creator.
     Here's what I did, without most of the drama so as not to bore you:
     "Lord God, I have made some bad mistakes and hurt some good people. Please forgive me these wrongs and I confess them to you  now and  to my brothers (I did and still must do, trying to not hold back anything) that I might reconcile myself with them. It was Christ your Son whom You sent to earth who reconciles me to You when I recognize this fact and accept Him and Your sacrifice on my account. In Him You gave the Perfect example for me, in how I must be reconciled with my brothers on earth, and this is love and brings love where there was strife. And He gave Himself up to death to fully redeem me to You, Father, and You raised Him up from the dead to raise me up from the dead also, that I might sit with You and Him forever, and I will forever be thankful for this and honor You, even when men deny You and Your Son and Your sacrifice on my--and their--account. I am not mine anymore, but Yours, in the Holy, Holy, Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son and my King, Master, Teacher, Counselor and Lord (John 14:13). Amen."

     I am no authority--which is the point, as no man is, but God (John 5:44; 6:29; 6:38-41; 7:16-25; replete, but these are important and from the authority). If you do the above with an open heart,  you will have taken a huge stride to be reconciled with God and us still on earth, even those whom've gone before us. It is a life's work, but a good one's.
Good luck and Godspeed, in Faith in Christ Jesus our Lord.    

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