Wednesday, October 3, 2012

More Proof of Obama Cheating at the Polls

First there's the suppression of Veteran voter registration and absentee balloting reported earlier; and now, the Obama Campaign in early voting counties has been robo-calling false voting dates to Republicans to suppress Republican turnout:

I'm no lawyer, but intentionally and falsely suppressing voting is illegal, a felony, I believe. So where's the D.O.J.??? Oh, giving guns to drug cartels to kill Americans and foreign nationals. Forgot.
This is just an example of the fraud that is being committed and sanctioned by Barack Hussein Obama, as we vigilant and report voter fraud to your local, state and federal voting offices. This fraud must not stand. This is not Venezuela and we will not tolerate such petty, despicable crime, even though many idiots elected Hugo Bama to office. That herd has been thinned, mostly by outright shame and being shunned, which is entirely appropriate. Remember: we're dealing with criminals. They break the law. We must uphold the law. The authentic survival of true civilization is at hand, and demands it.

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