Friday, October 19, 2012

"Obamarroids" (Title courtesy Mark Levin, Esq.)

      The scientific community has just penned this gullible and burdensome personality type, pictured above, as "Obamarroidic". The spelling is both African and Greek in origin,  based upon the more commonly known, "hemorroids" (n) and corresponding "hemorroidic" (adj). Similarly with the inflamed tissue, the "Obamarroids" are the embodied manifestation of an irritating, demanding and demeaning disease of entire thought and personality-displacement, observed by scientists to, in its final stages, completely occupy a human being, rendering him/her as a vapid and pustular, "life support system for Obamarroids". The disease is spread by speech, in a particularly insidious manner whereby  the "victim" is stunned into semi-consciousness by the babbling Obamarroid's complete lack of rational thought. It is at this point which the victim is slowly yet irrevocably transformed into an Obamarroid him/herself, drained of all capacity for reason and logic, becoming progressively sociopathic in exhibited behavior towards the "uninfected", normal human: stealilng blindly, lying profusely, blaming imaginary straw-men all the while and, ironically, claiming to be the victim of these very crimes. Obamarroids also have a penchant for tying up emergency services with rampant false victimization claims, along with their respective municipal, county and state court systems. They watch NBC and CNN and their affiliates, and the NatGeo series, Whale Wars . They feed on living, unborn but viable human fetuses exclusively.
     The cure is a hard slap across the face of the infected Obamarroid by--quite specifically and exclusively--either their mother or grandmother. In some cases, the infected must be slapped repeatedly. A pair of fine leather gloves in the hand of the mother/grandmother, held in a manner mimicking General George Patton and swept firmly in a back-and-forth motion across the face of the infected, is particularly efficacious.

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