Monday, October 8, 2012

Reality of Evil

This is the real world we live in, and it is one of violence if violent people and their various enablers are not confronted and held to account.
     This violence has knocked upon the door of our borders, even been invited in by the current administration--Fast and Furious weapons killing our Federal Agents, Islamists and illegals crossing the open border with impunity under Janet Napolitano's sanctioned loose reign--even solicited with welfare; and the withdrawl, even denial, of protection from our embassies around the world..
     And it is my belief that this current adminsitration bows to violence because it, too, has the capacity for violence, and that against its very own citizens rather than those who would harm us. To all observation they  have a common enemy: the United States Citizen. Their motive is power. Power over us citizens and our property. Their actions: Giving weapons to foreign drug cartels, not protecting us on foreign soil, and at the same time wishing to confiscate arms from law-abiding citizenry all combined together bear this belief out. Oh, yes, and tax, tax, tax (to confiscate).
     They cannot be given more time to destroy what is law-abiding and good, in their mission to replace it with godless evil (See DNC Party Platform and Convention).
Here are some of today' DNC thugs who were a telling portent of the coming evil, at the Nov. 2008 polls:

     They intimidated voters then and went unprosecuted by this administration. What will they do if Obama "wins" the 2012 election? They share many traits of thuggery with the murderers in Libya. They are in America. The blood-letters are already here--they have said so, themselves. They await opportunity. Orders.
Do not tell me there is no evil in this world manifested in men. It has always been here. Only when the Perfect comes will it pass away (I Corinthians 13). 

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