Tuesday, October 23, 2012


The results of the simple procedure is....akin to seeing the Lord God in the flesh. Wonderfully empowering (pc word-drop for today) and, I've heard, "Biblically uplifting."
Imagine just removing this from your sensitive senses sensorium:
And then, imagine the relief of removing, say.....this:

But most of all it's getting rid of this terrible pain-inducing, cancerous tumor:
Pray for a tolerant surgeon and it's recommended to use heavy local anaestesia first to quell the thrashing of the belligerant, fuming tumor before the addition of general anaestesia for patient comfort. On second thought, first knock out the patient with the Pentethol or whatever's quickest today, in order to mercifully alleviate the patient's suffering, which is in the Hypocratic oath, afterall. See, with Obamacare, that won't happen. You won't get anaestesia as you're secondary to cost. Get it?
     Godspeed! I've done my part at the polls already. Do yours, please, as Obamarroidectomy procedures are a "team" effort--surgeon, nurses, anaestesiologist. Go Surgery Team USA!
     The Patient comes first and shall recover!!!

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