Friday, October 12, 2012

Obama's Gift to Muslim Terrorists: UAVs (Drones)

You should never forget this gift Barack gave to Iran last December before Christmas: . As people with functional upper brains predicted, it  just might come back to bite the non-sharia free world:

"Gift? C'mon," you say. Yes, I answer. Why? First, Barack didn't blow it up. Duh. Now here's a reason why: By that time in 2011 Barack, in his America-is-such-an-imperialist-bully state of being, was probably feeling a little guilty about having blown up many of his friends the terrorists with our unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs) so he figured he'd give them one to even the playing field, "spread the wealth around". Get it?
     Yup. It's that simple and, oh.....look at this:

So of course Israel, in the region, suffers the consequences most visibly, at first. But we have men and women in that neck of the woods, too, in harms way, and the Iranians supply and fund the enemy, everywhere.
Gee, I guess I've got to spell it out for some people: Barack Obama is an enemy of the United States of America, an enemy of Liberty at home and abroad, actively working against the United States and her allies. Stupidity and ineptitude, even gullibility, are no excuse or explanation. Any Officer of the Law who has taken an oath to defend the Constitution has had legitimate, Constitutional grounds to arrest the president for a long time now (see First Amendment Violation, First Offense in earlier post). I am saddened that it has not happened yet, as we are a nation of law. I think Teddy Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan would have done it, personally, by now, if, alas, they were yet with us on earth.
for the tree is known by its fruits
--Jesus Christ (Matthew 12:33b).   
Recap: give Iran our latest UAV technology; while actively condemning it, utilize George Bush's acquired intelligence through waterboarding to finally locate Osama, sit on him for six months and finally act after being practically begged--"Gee, Barack, Americans might not like your sitting on Osama", then proceed to brag about killing him to the entire world while revealing secret Seal Team Six identity,  thereby getting many of them killed, and at the same time deny the American people the "closure" of his image; then--oh, yes--getting our Foreign Service folks  killed by treasonous neglect and blaming it on a video and locking up the video maker as a red herring and scapegoat. That's Obama and Today's Democrat Party on Foreign Policy.

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