Friday, December 24, 2010

Saint Nick Blazes the Fascists

     He flies a heavily armed Parkzone P-51, Saint Nicholas the giver of gifts. A fully paid for and licensed Mustang, yet certain federal officials wished to deny his annual jaunt of joy, and confiscate his gifts and his favorite mode of transportation "for the disenfranchised you oppressed in past generations"--which is their cowardly, politically correct (corrupt) way of saying, "for our envious and petty selves".
     It happened last year, too, when the sanctioned thieves approached him on the tarmac prior to take off with the bright, shiny wrapped booty for the children loaded up on his Mustang of Freedom. They hit him with phony new taxes and processing charges for the new bureaucracies that were created simply to be funded thusly. He wrote a big personal check and took off for his delivery.
     But what they had taken from him before they released him that Eve was abominable: they confiscated the homemade Divinity candy and Chocolate Chip cookies he was going to give to the children of the world. "You cannot give this to kids," they said, "It's bad for them and the First Lady won't have any of it on her watch."
     It had been ugly. But Santa kept heart. "Never again," he swore to himself. And he, and his Elves Works engineers and attorneys, were ready for them this year.
     This Christmas Eve skies over the Pole were bright and clear with a big moon and Santa noticed a black MiG-15 (NATO code name, "faggot") behind him, out of the corner of his eye. He turned into the jet slightly and got a better look at it, the moonlight glinting off its gloss blackness. There was what looked to be a funky, altered Pepsi (tm) swirly logo on its fuselage and on alternate wing surfaces. Hmm... then the MiG turned into him and he saw white blazes of fire emmenating from its nose mounted 20 and 37 mm. cannon. He, Santa, on his way to drop off a load of gifts over Darfur, was under fire..... Everything happened quickly from this point on.....
     But it was not Santa's first time to be attacked by the fascists:
     On December 24th, 1940, Santa was flying over western France to deliver a load of toys for the occupied French children when he, flying in his highly modified Spitfire Mk V with 20 mm. cannon, was jumped by a brace of Luftwaffe Bf 109s. They hadn't seen his wingman, Donner, who was lurking up higher above and behind Santa, just for a situation like this. Donner swept down behind the Messerschmitts and, kicking his rudder gently left and right while firing his cannon, blazed both German tormenters. They bailed out and parachuted into France. Later, Santa heard that an angry, oppressed farmer with a hoe and shotgun met them down on his French field when they hit the ground.....
     But tonight, Christmas Eve Two Thousand and Ten, the fascist was in a fast jet.....

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