Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Redfish Fly, Too

Look at this bronze muscled beast of American Liberty!

Now, what does a redfish have to do with Remote Control flying?
If you look closely (click on the image), you can see the tiny remote control unit this fine fish has tucked up lovingly underneath his pectoral (chest) fin. Yes, this redfish flies R/C, too!
While this ten pound specimen was tailing over seagrass digging up shrimp and crabs with his school mates, creating a huge muddy streak on the surface of the water, there were seagulls not far away, looking to join in on the shrimp fest. I posit that this redfish, here, was remotely piloting one of the birds--his "Eyes in the Sky", if you will, flying above looking out for troublesome dolphin and sharks, the adult redfish's most prolific predators.
Who said redfish weren't up to speed in the so-called New Age?
***This noble Red-backed, White-bellied and Blue-tip-tailed American beauty was revived and released to swim and fly again!

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