Friday, December 31, 2010

A Good Weekend in Warsaw

To this great Remotely Piloted combination, simply add a pound of Beluga caviar and some water crackers, a carton of fresh American Marlboros, East African coffee and plenty of Euros and U.S. Dollars, and you've got the makings of a decent weekend away from the malignant Red Menace still festering in Washington, D.C.
     Buzz one of the many beautiful women of Poland in a park and strike up a conversation on Geopolitics. Talk to the children about the American air superiority that freed their oppressed land from the fascists and then, over time, the communists--who have now weaseled their way into the American Democrat Party. The old fight against Evil still wages on....
     I'm sure they'll be able to relate with a proper historical perspective.
The combo:
ParkZone Ultra Micro P-51 with Thunder Power 160mah 25C battery, and the workhorse Spektrum DX6i transmitter.

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