Saturday, November 13, 2010

Spontaneous Servo Reversal

Prognosis negative! Pull up! Pull up! Captain's going to crash!
Wait, I AM pulling up! What gives?
"Kabooom!" The impact was such that the shaft of the propellor cracked in two.
There were no survivors.
Aparrently, a servo can decide of its own volition to reverse its response to control input through the receiver from one day to the next......Up becomes down, and down up, and
Moral of the story: always check each control throw response prior to EACH flight. What failed? Receiver or Transmitter? It must have been the signal, not the servo? Upon further review the memory on the transmitter was confirmed to have been "washed". It is a fascist conspiracy.
     The Captain of the Van Jones was cremated at the site of the "accident". The crash team investigative unit is still under preliminary review, with final analysis forthcoming.
They do, however, suspect foul play. The Communist Party of America and/or Saddam (he's not dead) are high on the list of suspects with the most to gain from the tragedy.

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