Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Elves' Micro Digital Machine Shop

This is where the genius of the great inventor John Browning would come to an unexpected and diminutive glorification: the Elves Micro Works. Similar to "The Skunk Works" of Northrup fame, only much, much smaller.....
     But first, think about what Browning's full-sized M-2 Fifty caliber machine gun did for America and the rest of the free world (Yeah, you're welcome!): Virtually every fighter aircraft and bomber aircraft America put into the air during World War II was HEAVILY armed with these works of wonder and, yes,  carnage.
It could be legitimately said that, without John  Browning's invention, we might be speaking German and Japanese but NO hablo Ingles aqui!
     Not to mention the greatest sidearm ever, the 1911 model .45 caliber automatic!
     I dedicate this Post to the great American, John Browning! Without you, I would not be wrting this now, and our dear readers would be reading something else in an alien language.
     But back to the elves........they desinged their own machine shop, using their tiny hands to construct tiny grinders, saws, digital micrometer-guided lazer-cutters capable of slicing through the hardest steels and alloys. I let them just do their deal.
     Then they formed a union.....  

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