Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lt. Bush Saves World, Part Deux

     The following takes place during an elapsed fifteen seconds of time:    
As he aproached it at Mach 1.2 the flat green Gulf filled the horizon through Lt. Bush's canopy. The first oddity he noticed was a MiG-21 at a distance flying upside down towards him....
     Fredo Castro wondered why the sky was green with little breaking white caps and the sea was blue with puffy white cloud looking thingies....
     "If this guy releases that bomb this will be interesting," Lt. Bush thought to himself as he began to squeeze the release trigger that would launch one of his craft's missles. "But it ain't coming to that." He knew the bomb, if armed, would go off even though it would bounce along the MiG's fuselage or maybe not even drop if it were released from an upside down position.....
     Fredo saw a fish leaping in the green sky and thought, "That's sure pretty."
     "Pickle," G.W. said as the trigger was engaged and the Aim-4 Falcon radar guided missile rocketed out of the open internal weapons bay and made a perfectly straight track to the MiG, now a scant two miles away.
     "Boom!" Fredo's so-called thoughts ended in an instant in the explosion of jet fuel and high explosive.
     And thus ended the world's deadliest moment.
     The Hydrogen bomb warhead fell benignly down through the sky, and "Plunk," impacted squarely on the Galveston beach a scant fifty yards from a group of young, iconoclastic idealists who paid it no mind, as they were busy smoking a big fat Panamanian doobie and talking about how they would someday run things, really make a difference and give all the oppressed people of the world tax-funded, "free and efficent" government-run healthcare provided by unpaid, resentful doctors and how everybody would drive futuristic electric cars powered by coal burning facilities that they, themselves, would never have to actually look at and thereby contemplate the symbolic irony of their very existence.
     Before the dispatched Air Force bomb disposal team could remove it, the Hydrogen  bomb leaked a little weaponized Uranium 235 which no doubt further stunted the minds of these utopian toking, future communist-scratch that-progressive politicos.
     Which goes far in explaining why Nancy said we should pass the two-thousand page bill so that we could know what's in it and why I caught a redfish with six eyes last week.
    Lieutenant Bush hung a U-turn in his special F-102, hit the afterburner and headed back to Ellington Field. He had saved the world from a nuclear blast wasteland of Meggido unleashed, and yet, alas, no one would ever know but himself. "But you know why we do it," he smiled to himself, "For the Ride!"

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