Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Sako Forester: Finnish Nail-Driving Beauty, Restored!

     The 4X scope's reticle's intersecting lines, the crosshairs, cover an area about the size of a softball at 200 yards and I, as a 17 year old senior in high school would consistently get baseball-sized groups within this softball-sized area firing 100 grain factory Remington loads at this range.  To say she was limited by her myopic optics is an understatement. I killed my last whitetail deer with her some thirty years ago, cleaned her, and put her in my father's gun cabinet where she has sat undistubed ever since.
     Until now. Time to make her live to her full potential.
     This is a picture of her in mid break-down, and after a basic wipe-down with an oiled, cotton cloth. She was worse-off than she looks and I have now dealt with her issues and will address them as I conquered them. Yes, I wrote, "conquered" as I feel I am a conquistador of my own ineptitude, my former inability to comprehend ancient yet logical Finnish machinations now. And I realize how well-built this rifle is, and was. Yes. I am a conqueror. Of self.
Here, look at her. Look at her! For shame!:
I did not take many pictures of her in her disheveled state, but instead went right to work. She deserved her dignity. I did not, nor do I now, agree with post-mortem type graphics of her condition, as she is a lady. A warrior lady.

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