Friday, November 2, 2012

DUH. Abusing the Privilege? Never!

"The Peasants are revolting!" Barack says.
"Why, yes!" Michelle agrees. "They are frightfully ugly, aren't they? Be a dear and give me that Creme puff, would you?"

Why didn't you point this out in the first year of this abuse of us citizens at our expense? People noticed as it was going on which is when it should have been addressed.
We'll get our airplane and house back, sure. But the Obamas can never buy or steal dignity or class. "The measure you give is the measure you shall receive," Jesus said. You gave nothing, and took everything with condescending pettiness, Mr. and Mrs. Obama.  What you abused was ours and us, Obama, and not yours.  Sad. Shameful. Good riddance!

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