Thursday, October 28, 2010

Operation Free Flight

The great John Browning, inventor of the heralded 1911 model .45 caliber automatic pistol, probably could not have imagined his equally wonderful M-2, .50 caliber machine gun would be shrunk down by a factor of two hundred times and installed under the wings of a ParkZone Ultra Micro P-51 to fight for the Free Skies of America against the Evil Ones.
    But I hope he is pleased.
"I'm intrigued. Tell me more!"
Oh, I will......I will.
The question is: will we be free to fly the skies of America in little remotely piloted aircraft? Will we be free to write and read about fighting "imagined" nefarious enemies of freedom with these lovely little symbols of American Liberty?

Stay posted, my friends, stay posted!

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